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Thread: Should I Continue to Workout While on This Diet?

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    Started P2VLCD1 today, and I usually workout anywhere from 2-4 times a week. I have been doing bootcamp for 2 months and haven't lost a pound, very discouraging. However, I have lost a few inches. So, my question is should I continue my bootcamp workouts while on this diet? I've seen comments discouraging exercise, so I am concerned/confused.

    Thanks for your insight!


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    Heavy workouts are not advised, anything you were doing before VLCD should be OK. You do not need to do anything more strenuous that a long walk to lose weight on this protocol...although some people do work out. I lost 25 # R1P2, am in p4 now, no trouble stabilizing... just walked everyday, nothing else extra was added to my routine. I would say if you want to work out, see how you feel afterward and then decide.

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    I went to a clinic on my last round and the dr. there told me to go ahead and exercise, especially since I was already doing it before I started the HCG. He told me that I would lose more inches that way. He did say to decrease the intensity.
    I did lose more inches per pound this time, but I did not lose as much weight as I did in previous rounds. There may have been other factors involved in that though. I did the shots on my first two rounds and drops on my last round. I also had started using hormones on the last round that I was not taking on previous rounds. Who knows exactly why the body reacts the way it does. I do think it was good advise to exercise if your body is used to it, otherwise it is hard to start over when you are done with P2.

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    we have a lot of conflicting thoughts on this. as a former fitness pro, i see nothing wrong with working out as long as you are not increasing your normal routine. i wouldn't advise taking on anything in addition to what you are doing. my husband and i worked out, i'm training for a 5k and he started power 90 (the pre version to p90x) and was doing 400 crunches a day. he had no adverse effects whatsoever. if you are increasing your routine, it can wait til you are done and on p3. i recommend you continue with your current routine. i don't recommend that you stop. if you stop working out, you may change your metabolism and burn less calories at rest. that's just my opinion though.


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