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Thread: Going to the Dallas Cowboys Game Tomorrow:-)

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    OK I will be going to the Dallas Cowboys VS 49er's game tomorrow I know...I know... stay away from those Evil Nachos X...ha..ha..lol..
    And to my fellow Dallas Cowboys fans especially GP I will be thinking of you:-)

    On Yeah "How Bout Them Cowboys"

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    Hey we'll also be going to the game!!!There is nothing that we can eat there,I just bring a salad.

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    Hey mylove: just got threw cutting upsome cucumbers and putting them in baggies it's all good.....:-) I will be preparedthistime thanks for the tip...enjoy the game I know we are going to win.....

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    Just focus on the game and nothing else!! Good luck to you b/c I know it's gonna be HAAARD not drinking a nice cold beer and eating a juicy hot dog!! Good Luck!!!

    p.s It's aLL bout them Steelers baby! :-)

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    My husband wd do anything in the world to be u for the day! He is a cowboys fanatic!....and that's putting it lightly.

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    Wow, so many Cowboy fans! You are a people after my own heart! (except for that one steeler fan)
    cowboyfan, we will be ruting with you for the Boys in Digital High Definition 46" color TV heaven.
    We can all meet here and gloat after they beat the britches off San Fran!
    Go Boys, GO !!!!!
    Oh yeah, Carve the GP's name in that new stadium for me will ya????
    Lucky Dog!


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