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Thread: When does the desire to [ch]eat go away?

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    When does the desire to [ch]eat go away?

    Today is VLCD3. I am down 5 pounds, and have already lost several inches (is that even possible?) so you would think I'd be really motivated. I keep reading about how HCG changes the way you look at food, and that you don't even want to eat eventually. This was the case for me for the past two days, i felt like I could have not eaten anything and been fine. Today is bad. So I'm hoping it will go back to being "easy" (for lack of a better word)?

    When does a lack of cravings usually happen (if they do)? ....is it after the whole round is up?? I haven't had any true "hunger" until today, but today I feel it. As well as that little voice that's telling me, "Girrlll, you know this diet isn't going to work for you, and you're just wasting your time. Eat your salad no dessert and get your butt in the gym" ...lol...how do I make it shut up?!

    What have your experiences been with cravings?

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    I think as long as there is food around that we can't eat, the temptation is always there. Its what you do with those temptations that show how strong you are. Cravings I think are more a mind trick as well as saying this isn't going to work. Well you know its working already in such a little time, just tell yourself to hush it You are doing great and are going to continue doing great. Just think sexy!
    4 short rounds done and at goal weight. LIW 127.4, Adjusted LIW 132.4, 5'9" BMI 19.3. Total weight loss 40 lbs in 4 short rounds, 48 inches lost.

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    our subconscious listens more to what we say than what we "know" for myself i have had to overcome some very very negative thoughts and from what i understand of psychology/psychiatry and NLP/Hypnosis. when i can isolate the issue i create a phrase to counteract it and record it on my ipod and listen to it 24/7 until i stop saying the other thing. I do this in my own voice since that is what my subconscious listens to first and foremost.

    My first one was over 5 years ago. I stole it from Emil Coure "every day in every way i am getting better and better" after 72 hours of listening to that on my ipod damned if i didnt have some huger shifts in both my perspective and my actions.
    I still have it and only 15 minutes of listening to it can set my sails in the right direction.
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    Thanks you two; if only my whole family were doing this diet, everything would be grand...

    Guess I need to train my id to think like my ego. Hopefully it doesn't get annoyed and lash out.

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    I was very hungry for the first 3 days. Then, it broke and I was totally satiated until pretty much the final days of VLCD without doses. I would get chilled or light-headed if I needed to eat, but didn't really fell hunger during most of my round.

    As for mental hunger, I was able to get past it by the knowledge that any treats that were really important to me would be there for me to enjoy in moderation in P4.
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    Just for the record, no part of this journey is for the weak.

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    The first week was tough for me but then the cravings got better. I really struggle constantly not the cheat.
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    Re: When does the desire to [ch]eat go away?

    There were days I had extra protein, but I didn't even think of cheating in P2 because I took what Dr. S. had to say literally: that the slightest addition in food can add a big increase in the scale and after doing all this work, spending extra money, all this time and effort, I was not going to blow it on anything.

    Now, in P4, my food tastes have changed. Someone in my building brings home bread. I've been a bread fiend all my life. I looked at it but that's it. The draw for me and bread was outrageous. Oddly enough, it's not any more. I don't know if this is going to last forever, but I do know it's going on five or six weeks now and that's how I feel about treats I used to love, scones, breads, pastries, etc. It's very odd. I'm super surprised by it. I didn't expect it and I'm not sure everyone feels this way. I'm going to do a post about to the community and ask.


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