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Thread: Detox Bath-how Many Times Can You Do It in P2?

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    Don't have any sea salt could reg table salt work as well, or should I just omit that salt.... I've also used ground ginger..like 2--3 Tablespoons Android gonna trydo one in Android, then again fri, Android sat night..

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    i think i would just do the epsom salt, no other salt and then the baking soda and the ginger. i did another one last night and lost 6 oz....yay!! hope you do well with it...

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    and sorry im just getting back to you but i only have access to the internet when im at work, and thats only 2 days a week...

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    Since I woke up very puffy, no loss, and with horrible back/leg cramps, someone here suggested I do a detox bath with epsom salt, baking soda, ginger and baby oil. My tub is HUGE so I doubled everything. I ran out of hot water halfway through filling but got in, and soaked my legs and butt. Then after 20 minutes my water heater kicked me some more hot water and I deepened it. It was never quite hot enough though. But I feel all greasy and gross from the baby oil. I NEVER use lotions or oils on my body because I hate this feeling. But NOW I use it??? As I sat in the slimy feeling water, I realized there is no way this can be protocol, why did I think it was? I can't find the thread that suggested it now but a few people said baby oil was OK. I can't see how! I GUARANTEE, even though I followed protocol, I will post a gain tomorrow. And I am still puffy, with greasy added to it!

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    Don't use the baby oil. Feels great with just the salt, baking soda, and ginger. Baby oil in it just sounds blahhhh!

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    Have not ever used the baby oil in the bath.
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    I am so glad I found this thread....I am R1P2VLCD6, last couple of days loss was less than a pound. Took a detox path last night, this morning loss was 1.8 lb..needless to say this will become part of my weekly routine! thanks for all the tips!

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    Down a pound today--even with the baby oil. Will try again the correct way tomorrow night. Glad I didn't gain! I must say though, my skin feels good! (My face is SO dry though, I caved and used lotion)

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    I tried the Nutregena Oil Free Moisturizer for my face and it feels wonderful, not suffering from the dry skin I was worried about....maybe it would work for you iviesme.

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    Ok Girls!!! What is the detox bath. I am so new at this. Another question when you put vlcd# do you count the loading days. For example, Sunday was my first loading day and Monday was my second. Am i at r1 p2 vlcd7 or r1 p2 vlcd5 ?????

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    1 cup baking soda, 1 cup Epsom salts and some ginger (ground or grated) hot water~ wa la

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