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Thread: Did Anyone Not Make it?!?

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    Did Anyone Not Make it?!?

    just had a 20min emotional meltdown....i just cant do this anymore...i regret that i started but i really dont think i can last 2 more weeks...i just cant! (im on day 6)....im going to ween of the drops for the 3days(maybe ill wait to the weekend) and then start eating P3 foods.....so please just refresh me on P3 foods..as i can recall.....i just cant make it anymore...i know its wrong and i might gain but i cant continue like this

    real cheese (not fat free) , plane greek yougurt, real peanut butter, ranch dressing, more fruits, veggies and meat options........ please add

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    Hi - could you do it with modification? I personally know a few people who eat between 800-1000 calories using the HCG food list and just by increasing the amounts. It definitely slows your losing down, but for some people it is more palatable until their brain catches up and learns they are serious about dieting. For most of them once they see the pounds coming off it provides enough motiviation to buckle down and shrink their portions back down to 500-800. Still a modified version but one the people who are having a tough time can live with. For P3 I always followed Atkins Induction Phase 1
    I lost 80 lbs in 2011. Maintained with a few ups and downs to date. Back on program 👗 🍎💉to chisle off 25 lbs that stuck after health issues. Loading 10/9/16

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    I am not making it. I said i was only going to do a 23 day round but I can't. I am on day 11 and I am miserable...so dizzy, weak, grumpy, hungry and mentally exhausted. So, I too am weaning off and going to the Adkins diet for 3 weeks. I hope I can keep the 11 ponds off I lost cause it was he'll to lose them. I still have another 20 to lose but I can't do it this way. I guess my body wasn't made for this diet. I am sorry you are feeling bad. Good luck to you. You are not alone!!

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    Have you tried skipping your dose to evaluate your hunger before deciding to give up? I know this protocol is very restrictive and is a complete challenge. I can't tell you how many times I'd done it in the past and quit prematurely because of the exact same symptoms you're having. I'd stop and gain the weight right back again--plus some. I wasn't patient with myself enough to try to find my correct dose. I automatically thought it'd never work for me as it had done and been doing for others. I had the wonderful veterans on here even trying to guide me with finding my correct dose but I wouldn't listen to them and just gave up over and over again...until this round. I was patient and took their advice. It took me a few days but I finally found the dose I needed.

    Whatever you decide to do is completely up to you but if you're really wanting to lose, try giving finding the correct dose a chance before stopping.

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    Potassium supplements (3-5 pills a day) help immensely with the weak and dizzy. The proper dose of hcg will take care of the hunger.

    If you want to stop the diet and eat P3-style, just eat high fat and high protein foods. Peanut butter is a bad choice as it is a legume (starchy bean) and not a true nut, but you can use other nut butters if you want and if you aren't intolerant of them. If you use Greek yogurt, use full fat and not the nonfat or 2%. Most fruit is very high in sugar; I would not eat anything but a few berries on P3, but if you choose to eat fruit just don't eat a lot of it. Almost all commercially prepared ranch dressing is loaded with sugar. Real the label or make your own out of mayo, buttermilk or sour cream and herbs/spices. Yes, all kinds of meat, fish, eggs, unprocessed cheese, butter, olive oil, avocados and the like are great for P3.

    I'm sorry you're feeling so awful.

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    I dont know if this will help you but I dont feel i will make it at least every other day. I do something fun for me when it happens like shop online for cute clothes I will be able to fit into if i stay with it, or do a bath. I have also found the cookbook on the recipes part of this forum to help....idk how many times that cinnamon sauce to go with my apple has helped me make it through.
    P2 Cookbook: "The HCG Dieter Gourmet Diet Cookbook"

    I hope you are happy with whatever you decided to do.
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