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Thread: Dining out for first time tomorrow

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    Question Dining out for first time tomorrow

    I will be having dinner at Famous Dave's for dinner tomorrow. It will be P3 Day 13 for me. Any advice on what to order? I know what not to order and I will be bringing my salad dressing with me, as I know I'm getting an all veggie salad. Any ideas would be great, other than seafood I'm allergic. So nervous going out of my kitchen it is my safe haven.

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    you could get a burger and not eat the bun....I had the avocado burger at Steak-n-Shake during P3 with no troubles
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    I have been eating out since day 1 P2 in restaurants with no issues. I just make sure there is lean meat and veggies on the menu and I'm good. Since you are P3, you will have more choices. I just repeat a mantra of:"lean meat, veggies, fruit, lean meat, veggies, fruit" and the ordering is easy. I stick with chicken, fish (no allergy) or even a good steak - but I keep it to 3oz (P2) and bring the rest home for DH's lunch the next day. I always ask for it to be prepared without added fat (remember P2) and no starch on my plate but double veggie instead no butter or sauce (again P2). Never had a problem. Consequently....no feeling of deprivation at all on P2. oh....have fun!

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    This is such a good question. I also will be away from home (2hrs away) and have to rely on dining out. I'm in P2 and doing excellent. I'm hoping to eat at a Panera Jason's deli type of resturant already been on their websites to scope out the menus and the calories. I really don't want to blow this with a cheat right now. Any other suggestions of places one can find salads etc that would work.

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    I would stay away from their barbeque sauces. They're sure to have adding sugars.

    I'd say a bunless burger and or a salad
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