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Thread: Anyone here doing the "Transformations" HCG diet offered in Orlando?

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    I'm doing the "Transformations" HCG diet offered in Orlando. I'm starting my 6th day on the program. I've lost 9 pounds and feel great. There has been no change in my energy level and I'm able to engage in the same aerobic / cardio activities at the gym that I was doing before starting the program. I was a real skeptic. I was sure the HCG was a hoax and the 800 calorie diet was responsible for the weight loss. I was also fearful of compromising my metabolism with a VLCD. So far, I'm pleased with my results. Several of my co-workers have been on the program and have been doing great. They've been my inspiration, and the quick weight loss has been my motivator. My goal is to lose 30 pounds in the first 8 weeks of treatment. Is there anyone else doing "Transformations" in the Orlando area?

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    How did yours turn out. I just started with transformations in Tampa. Let me know.


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