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Thread: I Dreamed Last Night That I Was Skinny!

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    I dreamed last night that I was skinny and in my dream everyone was asking me how I lost all that weight. The dream was so real that today I feel sooooo motivated to get skinny. Before I went to bed last night I almost cheated and ate a hamberger and a shake but I fought the erge and had a sparkling water instead and just went to bed. I'm sure glad I did. Yesterday I read a thread on here where everyone was telling how many sizes they have lost. And I had been thinking about all those sizes that all of you have lost and I think that is probably why I had the dream.
    After seeing what It feels like to be skinny (in my dream!) I feel very motivated to stick with this diet.

    Just thought I would share this.

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    if you visualize yourself skinny.. you will be..

    one of the worse things that i am going thru is that i cannot recall i was ever skinny.. i dont know what skinny feels like.. or looks like in me.. its hard to aim a goal you have not pictured in your head or visualized..
    but im going to find out.. cause im going to make it happen!

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    Well said yizquierdo

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    Same here yiz, I have never been skinny. I am kinda curious as to what I am going to look like thin...

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    A friend of mine said something interesting the other day. He said something like, "You seem to think you're still fat when you talk about yourself. You look totally normal now. You need to get over that old way of thinking".

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    Sorry, but that wasnt a dream was more like a premonition....a glimpse into the future. Way to go on not cheating. Feels good doesnt it?

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    Dreams really are the best! I swear they help you problem-solve in the real world, and expose you to situations and emotions that you'd be oblivious to otherwise.

    And what an awesome dream to have! It must have been your reward for turning down the hamburger and shake.


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