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Thread: Drinking during HCG phase 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boonieboy View Post
    Has anyone else done this? I am on my R2P2 and I figure if I can go all day on so little food I deserve a drink (or two) at night! During my R1P2 I drank every night and was still very succesfull (lost 25 lbs.) I would either have beer, red wine or gin and club soda. I was just curious as to wether anyone else had tried this and what their experience had been like.
    Hi Boonie!
    I have cheated and drank wine one 2 occasions. I'm in R1P2SL, 5 days away from P3. On the first time I cheated with Syrah and drank the whole bottle. And yesterday I drank 2 glasses of Merlot and had sushi w/o rice and I was down 1.2#. My losses were very slow at the beginning compared to everyone else on the forum. So I altered my diet (no melba, breadstick, or fruit). Robbi has a good point that alcohol turns into sugar, but whats more important is your liver. Remember that your calories intake is very low and by adding alcohol your overworking your liver because there is not enough fat intake. (i'm a PA student)

    Congrats on your losses! You should be very proud, just remember that doing this takes a toll on your other organs and the last thing you want is to become ill if your trying to be healthy. My suggestion if you must drink, have a full glass of red wine (has 0.5 to no sugar or carbs) once a week.

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    On Saturday and Sunday nights we are normally out with friends for dinner, so on these days I skip one of my fruits and justify it with 2 glasses of wine or two sparkeling-water-with-vodka-and-limes. I have not seen a slow in losses when I do this.
    Certainly the gurus are best to answer this questions, but thought I would add in what my experience has been.

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    I as well have had success with cuttin out my last fruit for wine. I have been fine doing so thus far. I will not cheat as far as food goes but inwill splurge on my wine. Thanks for the congratulations from everyone. It feels
    Great to finally be losing weight and
    Keeping it off!! R2P2 today, down three pounds

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    How are you people drinking any alcohol on 500 calories a day?! OMG, I love wine and martinis, but if I drank even 1 on this nearly empty stomach, I'd be a stumbling wreck!

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    It has got to be horrible on your liver and kidneys. Your body is working so hard as it is, I can't imagine adding a complication like this that it needs to filter.

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    YES are SO right about that! I went to an investment meeting that had a wine expert speak who brought 7 varieties for us to "taste". I hadn't intended on tasting but I am a wine "snob" and just had to try (this was early P2). I usually drive home from these things but not that night! There was no way. I'm not a big drinker even when not dieting but love a glass of good wine once in awhile when out with friends but learned my lesson big time on that one. Luckily my DH had come with me so I had a driver or I would have had to take a cab. Good warning for those reading this thread...

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    I have a heavy tolerance, though vodka has never done much to me before. I did go out with a friend one night on P2. I skipped both my fruits for the day and ended up drinking about 6 shots of vodka over the course of the night, and I didn't even get buzzed. I was pretty disappointed. I lost over a pound the next day but gained the same amount back the following and then stalled for 3 days after that. It was a total waste of time! I might try wine in P2 next round, we'll see how I do with it on P3.

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    My suggestion would be no.

    I am in r1p2 and I was playing with it a little bit. I tried drinking 2 glasses of wine and counting in the calories instead of food. Which is really hard to do because you can choose dinner or wine. I would do this when we would go out to eat and everyone else would eat and I chose to drink 2 glasses of wine instead of cheating on food. I realize wine was cheating but like someone said you have to have a life as well.

    I was really suprised at how tipsy I felt after 2 glasses of wine. I know my limit normally without hcg and was really suprised that I felt pretty done in after 2 glasses. Could be the lack of food that day.

    I did that 4 times so far but I noticed that when I got home I was wanting food and carbs. I am thinking that wine is bad for me on the protocol. So no more wine even in place of food.

    I do believe that it has slowed down my weight loss. The thing for me is that after all these years of trying to lose weight I really had no idea this would actually work I went into it kind of like the same way you do with all diets. But, it does work and I realize I could have lost a lot more if I had completely followed the protocol perfectly. I am really excited for the next round with complete adherence attached to it :0 I have lost 20 lbs in 32 days so not awful but not as good as it could have been with no wine.

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    Wink Love my wine!

    I drink wine in p2 3- 4 days a week. Usually 2 glasses during a night. I have never had a problem with wine alone.... but have had the problem of hitting the taco bell drive thru a time or two afterwards.... aaarrgghhh!!!!! Still losing... just slower than some.

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    I just worry about the harm to my liver - like was said earlier our bodies are surviving on only 500 cal - how can our organs be expected to be overworked on that?? Otherwise I guess I would love to have my nightly cocktail - I really miss that !

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