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Thread: Effect of Prednisone while on HCG

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    Question Effect of Prednisone while on HCG


    New to forum....hello I have a few questions if someone would be so kind as to help me out!!

    I started R1 back on 10/25. I lost 12# in the first 10 days *YAHOO* and then stalled...even with not one cheat... By the end of 35 days I had lost 15# so it took 25 more days to lose only 3#.

    I had sinus roto-rooter surgery on 11/5 and there were complications. They put me on a 6 day pack of prednisone and antibiotics....I ended up in the ER on 11/20 due to so much inflammation in my head. They put me on another large-dose Rx of prednisone - for 20 days this time, and more antibiotics.

    Since I am a fairly intelligent woman, I realize that the steroids most likely played a big part in the lack of weight loss' through it all, tho discouraged, I stuck to it religiously....even through Thanksgiving.....and my husband's surgery on Dec 11. Add to it, I came down with bronchitis on 12/12 which lasted until three days ago. Miserable.

    I stopped the HCG after 40 days, but have stayed low carb and low cal - until a week ago. It was as if all of this crud caught up with me - and no more scale movement - I strayed from plan. I haven't gone way overboard or anything; just some carb creep here and there....and some wine on a couple of occasions.

    I am VERY EXCITED to start over - I had such great MOJO when on it the first few weeks and want to find that again! But I have a couple of questions:

    1. Do I do 2 loading days again (even though I have eaten more than I should have the past few days)? Or should I just start P2 today?

    2. Now that I am off prednisone, do you think I will see better results this time around? They say it stays in your system for up to six months - I still have the steroid moon-face)

    Thanks so much!

    PS. Edited to add, I am 58 y/o 5'6" and, though about 130# most of my life, gained a bunch of weight over the last 5 years. Starting weight 10/25 was 211... and I was down to 196 after 35 days. I am at 204 today.

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    You always load. Each round is always the same as far as load and length. Being sick probably played more of a role than the actual prednisone. Some notice more hunger when on prednisone and hcg, though I didn't have that effect the one round I was on it. My losses were exactly the same too. The other thing that might have played a role is your dose. If you went through a clinic, most put patients on MUCH too high of a dose so pay attention to that. Don't let them start you on anything higher than 150 iu.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you very much! Appreciate the quick response.

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    I've done a few rounds with prednisone and I can never lose while taking it. Occasionally I can stay the same but I can't lose even sticking to plan 100%. I am super sensitive to it and it does stick with me for months afterwards. With some steroid rounds I may get lucky and only gain 10lbs with other high dose or close together rounds I may gain 60lbs before the effects wear off and I get my body reset and back to where I can lose again. Seems like until it's ready it doesn't matter what I try it simply will not lose any weight. After years of them though I've just learned to go with it. Sounds like you handled them well with no weight gain so I doubt you have any trouble with this new round losing. I bet you do fine.

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    My mom was on Prednisone, cortisone for years of her life due to her illness. She could never lose weight, but put lots on. She had to avoid foods with sodium etc.

    She had never used hcg, but I am just giving my two cents.

    Good Luck this time, I think you will be fine

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    Thank you all! I do believe the prednisone hindered my weight loss ...Now that I am off of it I am confident I will do better this time around. I just finished two loading days and am on to the program ...excited!

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    Good luck with your round


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