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Thread: Exercise?? Does it help?

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    Exercise?? Does it help?

    I know this may sound silly because exercise obviously is a way to lose weight! But i was curious to know if during phase 2 it was safe? Nothing too hard just some cardio a couple days out of the week! Maybe it will also speed up losses???? Any advice id love to hear!!
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    There is no rule against exercise in P2, it's just not a good idea to start a hard program if you aren't use to it because you may find yourself weak and that can cause injury. But some cardio is fine. Just listen to your body and stop if you need to. Keep in mind if you aren't use to doing whatever exercise you choose it may result in a bit of inflammation for a few days until your muscles heal and get use to doing it. But it sure won't hurt to add exercise in moderation.

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    I wouldn't do cardio to speed up losses. I would do some resistance training to help prevent loss of muscle mass during the VLCD in P2. Lift weights or do body weight exercises (air squats, pushups, etc.) to keep your muscles in use and prevent them from shrinking.
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    It is my understanding that it is not advisable to do any cardio during phase 2. Cardio will burn up the little bit of calorie intake during this phase. If you burn the calories, then you will go into starvation mode...wait til phase 3 to do any cardio. During phase 2 I did a lot of stretching, leg exercises, crunches and a little hula hoop, but tried not to get my heart rate up..so I did my hula in 1 minute intervals several times a day.

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    I am going to try doing some weight lifting about 1/2 the program I was doing to keep muscle toned and reduce the flab
    Also keeps me busy to have something to do besides thing of food he he

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    Walking was recommended in the protocol. I walked an hour a few days a week and lost 24# in my round.

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    i think its safe. you can go for it.


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