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Thread: Finished my 40 days..... NOW WHAT DO I EAT :(

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    Finished my 40 days..... NOW WHAT DO I EAT :(

    Hello my name is John. I just lost 38 lbs. on the 40 day cycle which is fantastic... The problem I have now is that i have no clue what i should be eating now. I did the 3 days of 500cal after my last dose, but I dont know what i can eat now. I feel like I am still eating the same foods that I have been eating on the 40 days. I know I should be eating more, but im scared that I will eat something wrong. I know i cant eat sugar and starch. My problem is that I done really know what that means. I am the kind of person that needs to know exactly what to eat.

    can someone please tell me examples of what I CAN eat.

    P.S. I am sooo tired of chicken breasts... HAHAHA

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    Wow! you have done great! What's your email and I will send you a list of "haves" and "can't haves" for P3. I just started P3 yesterday.
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    Week 3: 190.1 = +.2# (minor meltdown)

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    Fantastic job!

    Start by reading this

    216 to 135 in 3 rounds. I've done hHCG and RX.
    My HCG journey blog.
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    Introduce slowly: eggs, cheeses, yogurt, cream/half n half, oranges, peaches, berries, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, peppers, mushrooms, steak, ham/pork/bacon, PLUS all P2 foods.
    Avoid: Legumes (beans, peanuts, soy), starch vegetables (corn, peas, some squashes, potato), starch grains (wheat breads, pastries, rice, pasta, cereals) sugar/honey

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    You did great! My first few days of the 1st week of P3 I just doubled my proteins from P2 and added more low carb veggies - then I moved to Atkins Induction Lists - slowly introducing all the new foods. I never gained during maintenance and never had to do a steak day or anything. Good luck!
    I lost 80 lbs in 2011. Maintained with a few ups and downs to date. Back on program 👗 🍎💉to chisle off 25 lbs that stuck after health issues. Loading 10/9/16


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