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Thread: Can You Freeze Mixed Hcg..?

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    question of the day.. I have heard of people mixing up hcg..pulling all the syringes worth and putting them all in the freezer. then just pull 1 out each night and inject in the morning. They believe it keeps its full strength that way. That way if they do 23 day days and want to extend an extra week, they can freeze their mix and continue using it after 6 weeks..
    any thoughts on this?? thanks!

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    thoughts?? opinions?? ideas?? any?

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    I fill my syringes weekly but I keep them in the refrigerator not the freezer. I would think that freezing it would ruin it. If you look at the insert in the package it will tell you what temp to store it at and it isn't freezer temp.

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    The jury is still out on that for sure but I've heard experts say it destroys something in the hcg.
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    many docs believe that freezing hcg damages the protein. it says right on the box, "do not freeze"- so i would not recommend it.
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