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Thread: Gallbladder Attack #2/Loading

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    Gallbladder Attack #2/Loading

    So I had a gallbladder attack about 4 weeks ago and my doctor said people on HCG are more prone to attacks. She said it probably wouldn't happen again. Fast forward to yesterday, round 2 phase one day one, I take my injection and start loading. All is fine until the middle of the night and I feel an attack coming on. This time thankfully I didn't have to go to the ER, however, I am still uncomfortable and extremely bloated and can't eat. What do I do? A third loading day? Or take just yesterday and start VLCD 1 tomorrow? I tried calling my clinic but haven't heard back ..thoughts? TIA

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    Is your Dr saying the loading days cause the gallbladder attack? Makes sense with the high fat. I just got gallbladder pain during Phase 2 and wondered if there was a connection to gallbladder issues and the HCG Diet. I am seeing through Google searches there may be. I hope you are feeling better. Sorry you didnt get your question answered.

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    I was told a few years ago that I had gallstones after the first time I did an HCG Round which was under a doctor's care. Fortunately I've never had any pain or symptoms and I've been eating plenty of fat on a regular basis since that time. I was told I don't need to do anything about the gallstones unless it starts to bother me.

    Has your doctor advised you to get yours removed?
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