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Thread: Grammy!!! Please Help!!!

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    My hcg vial is powder and its says:

    Chorionic Gonadotropin
    for injection, USP
    10,000 USP units
    For IM use only
    Multiple Dose Vial Rx only

    Other bottle says:

    For injection, USP
    10 ml
    Multiple Dose Vial Rx only

    Does this mean I can only take it IM?

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    Wish I could help you... mine are sub-q.

    Before and almost after photos.... http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums.../diet-journey/

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    Its the same stuff, whether used IM or subQ; you just use less with IM.

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    No, hon, you don't need to just use it for IM. You can use it for subq also.


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    Hamp and Jenni told you right! We use the exact same stuff for SQ, IM and sublingual as well. It's just a difference in how you mix it. But I would get some more bac water. I HATE it when it's mixed so tiny because I see way more hunger here on the forum when you do a dose of .2. I wouldn't take it that way.
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