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Thread: Grand Pubah's Story

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    Grand Pubah's Story

    Hello, my HCG friends. Most of you probably have never heard of me, but I was very well known on this forum a number of years ago.
    My name is Doyle but I was also known by my screen name Grand Pubah. I have never publicly shared the details of my story on this forum or anywhere for that matter. Very few and close personal friends know the details of my situation. But after many years and due to a number of requests I have finally decided to share some of the details on this forum.

    I couldn't sleep one night and was up late watching TV. Came across a talk show that had Kevin Tredeau being interviewed about his book "The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You To Know About". This is how I first heard about HCG. I ordered his book and began researching the program. I learned about Dr. Simeons from the book and after searching was able to find a copy of his book online. I also learned that I could get hcg by ordering through an online pharmacy and decided to give it a try. This was way before Dr. OZ had heard of hcg, and before it had become popular and versions of it were being sold in Walmart and online. Very few people knew about it.

    As a result of personally using HCG and losing a lot of weight, (60 lbs) I had many friends ask me how I did it and ask me to get the HCG for them and help them do the same. It quickly got so much attention I found myself becoming a major supplier and coach to hundreds of people. I also was recommended by many on this forum as a reliable seller of HCG and HCG supplies. I answered all questions for free about the protocol whether people bought their product from me or not.

    Fast forward to March 2011. Early morning my house was raided by approx. 15 FDA agents with guns drawn. They tore my house apart from top to bottom. Confiscated all my hcg, files, computers, personal items, personal records, etc.. and carted off about 20 boxes of stuff. Much of it had absolutely nothing to do with HCG. I was told later they did not know what they would find and were on high alert. They even had swat team hidden in the woods behind my house in case I bolted and ran.

    They told me I would be hearing from the Attorney General. It turned our world upside down. Fortunately, the acting Chief of Police in our town at that time had great respect for me as a local Pastor of one of the largest churches in the community and commanded all officers in the local district to keep hush mouthed about the FDA raid even though they were required to assist in the raid. Consequently, the raid never made the local news or was exposed locally thanks to the Chief of Police. A good man and fellow believer.

    I was informed by the lead FDA agent in the investigation in the raid that they thought I was selling anabolic steroids. They did not know what HCG was. He began to ask me questions about it. I told him my story and how it had helped me lose 60 lbs in a short period. When I explained it to him (as he was keeping me confined at the kitchen table while they were doing a top to bottom ransack of my home), he was shocked. I cooperated completely with the officers to the best of my ability and answered every question they asked of me. Even told them where to find the files on my computer.

    As I questioned him he told me that they would have the HCG tested to see if it was a real product. If it came back not having potency then there would be even bigger problems as that would mean I was selling a fake product as well and misrepresenting it to my customers.

    They did not arrest me but told me I would be notified as to their intentions but I was ordered to not sell HCG again. I had in my possession over $10,000 of HCG in storage in a refrigerator in my garage as I had recently received a large supply from one of my suppliers.

    After many months of sleepless nights and stress over what was going to become of the investigation, I did not hear back from the FDA for over a year. Not a word. I thought they had dropped the case when they finally discovered what I was selling was not dangerous but was actually helping people. What a relief.

    Then out of the blue, the FDA agent showed up at my home one day and delivered a court summons to appear in GA. (I live in FL). I also found out that they had hired 2 people from different states to order some HCG from me the previous year before I was raided. Later I was able to go back on my email records and find those 2 orders. Once I fulfilled the order they had the evidence they needed to proceed with the original investigation. One of the people lived in GA. and one in FL. I was also told at that time that according to their tests the HCG they confiscated from me had tested positive.

    Under the recommendation of the lead investigator, since it was not the dangerous product they thought I was selling (HGH and anabolic steroids) after all, because I was a pastor, and because he liked me, the State Attorney decided to try the case in GA instead of FL. to help keep it out of the News Papers. (Thank You, Lord!)

    The charges were mail fraud and trafficking a misbranded product. Both felony charges. As well as several other lesser charges. I was also informed that the maximum penalty for my crimes was many years in prison. Seems like I was told 3-5 years per violation. I had records of hundreds of clients in virtually every state and several foreign countries of transactions that they confiscated. I could potentially spend the rest of my life in prison as each transaction could be considered a separate violation.

    After appearing in court before the judge I was advised by my lawyer to plead not guilty and allow the case to move forward for negotiations. I did as advised. The charges as they stood had a potential minimum 10-15 year prison term or more.

    As the case progressed I was later offered a plea deal by the State Attorney in charge of my case. He would reduce the charge down to 1 case of mail fraud (instead of hundreds of separate charges) and 1 count of selling a misbranded product, but I would be "required" to assist the state in helping them find other HCG sellers for conviction. My lawyer advised me to take the offer.

    Against the advice of my lawyer, I rejected the plea deal and told them it went against everything I believed. And furthermore that I could not in good conscience throw others under the bus to save my own skin. They were shocked. I figured I would end up in prison with a lengthy sentence, not see my children grow up, and no way to provide for my family. I cast myself on the Lord's mercy and prayed.

    After much prayer and many sleepless nights, the State Attorney finally came back with a modified plea deal that "excluded" the requirement to assist them in taking down other HCG suppliers that I had knowledge of. I later found out that they respected my dedication and decided to concede on that point. There would be no requirement to help turn in others in the plea deal. I was told it was rare that someone facing the potential consequences I was facing, would refuse to turn state's evidence against others and it caught them off guard.

    I accepted the plea deal and the case went to the judge for sentencing. I was convicted of felony mail fraud (for sending the HCG through the mail) and trafficking in a misbranded medication (because weight loss is an off label use of the HCG).

    At the sentencing trial, the judge decided against prison time and decided to put me on probation with fines at the recommendation of the State's Attorney (who had been deeply influenced by the lead investigator in the case that I was not a criminal and most of the money I made selling HCG went back into the community helping others).

    Consequently, I had to wear an ankle monitor, was not allowed to leave the state or local area without prior approval, had to abide by a strict curfew, and report weekly to a probation officer. I also lost my voting rights and had to get rid of my hunting rifles and handguns as a felon loses all gun ownership rights.

    Now I am considered a convicted felon. I questioned the agent in charge of the investigation (and subsequent raid) how I got on their radar that they began investigating me. He told me that Paypal had reported me to the FDA for selling the HCG.
    Therefore I do not recommend using PayPal for selling any HCG product or supplies.

    The FDA does not have the resources or manpower to routinely monitor all the online forums. This is not where they get their information. Perhaps that will set some of you at ease. Also, the same thing applies to going after individual users of the HCG. They are not interested. They do not have the resources or manpower for this. They are interested in shutting down suppliers. Since my own conviction, I know of a number of suppliers who have been shut down like I was. I was one of the first and they fully intended to make an example out of me. A few of them I tried to warn and some of them listened and quit selling immediately. Others that tried to keep their business going were later discovered and targeted. Some through PayPal, others probably through their websites and credit card merchants.

    I believe that it is highly probably the reason that ALLdaychemist had to remove HCG from their list of medications they were selling. They were one of my major suppliers, and when they raided my macho supply of HCG (over $10,000 worth), the boxes were clearly marked who they were shipped from. FDA probably put heat on the Indian Gov't to lean on them. Fortunately, they still carry it through their other online pharmacy under a different name. They were not my only supplier but all the HCG I had on hand at the time was from them.

    At the trial, the lead investigator came up to me after the judge read her conviction and he apologized to me. He told me that pursuing the investigation was one of the great regrets of his life. He then told me that he and his wife owned a vacation home in the Florida Keys and that I and my family were welcome to use it anytime we wanted. He was a super guy and we had become friends over the 2+ years of the interaction of the case. He had told me later that if we had met under different circumstances that we could have probably been best friends.

    So I do not sell HCG. I was forbidden by the Gov't to do so. I have honored this commitment but I still use the HCG periodically myself to get the stubborn weight back off quickly if it creeps back up on me. Just finishing a 26 day round today. Truly, HCG is amazing and I am glad it has become more well known so others can find out about it even if it is harder and more expensive to acquire than it once was. I had letters from numerous clients with their testimony of how HCG had enabled them to lose their excess weight, regain their health, and get their lives back. All thanking me for assisting them, touting their changed lives, transformed health, etc... The judge was not interested and so I did not even show these to her.

    As for those on the fence about trying the protocol, from one who has been through the HCG meat grinder, I still highly recommend it.

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    I just came across this post and Wow! I totally remember you Grand Pubah and I remember when the raid happened. Thank you for posting an update and sharing your story with us. Iím so sorry you had to go through this. It makes me really sad that something like this happened to you all because you were trying to help others. God bless you and I hope you can now move on with your life.

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    Pubah! I remember this happening to you and your family and always wondered what the outcome was. I’m so sorry you were convicted of mail fraud...I had hoped and prayed the district attorneys would have seen they were wasting their time going after you, but apparently not. I hope you have gotten beyond this and continued to be the Grand Pubah that you are in all areas of your life, especially spiritually. If you see this, I would love to chat with you more. I’ve had some challenges the last few years....struggling but keeping my head above water. Bless you!
    I am a Registered Nurse and Moderator of the Hcg Diet Info forums. I am an expert on the Hcg Diet Plan and have over 10 years of experience as a weight loss coach.
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    Wow, Pubah, this is crazy!
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