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Thread: HCG 800 Calorie Diet

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    Junior Member pammy48's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    I am in Phase 2.

    HCG 800 Calorie Diet

    Has anyone ever tried it?
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    Super Chief-Ninja Moderator grammy1952's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    5 rounds, down 78# and at goal
    We see it here on the forum occasionally. most don't lose nearly as well as they'd like on it.
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    Since I'm not hungry, & I feel good on HCG, what would be the point?

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    Started another round after a long break 02/18/11 Day 1 of 43
    I do it because I found that the more protien i ate the better i did and felt, when i went to 800 cal give or take i just ate more protien and also less fruit I didnt lose nearly as much as i could have but i was still happy and still manage to lose all the weight i wanted to by the time i did my last round last year, the only reason i am doing another round now is because i changed my goal and decided i wanted to lose more, which i probably dont even have much left to lose but its worth a shot even if lose only 5 more pnds...i say stick to the protocal but if you feel the need to up your cal stick with the protien but thats just my experience with the hcg talkin good luck
    This is 1 of the best WL solutions out there it takes dedication determination & faith. Started my last & final rounds broken into 2 parts. Started hhcg pellets on 7/27/11 (157.2) - 08/04/11 along w/the switch 2 hucog injec (157.4-extra load days & upcoming TOM) as of 8/28/11 (145.6 day 25 of inject + 9 days pellets = 33 total) decided 2 break on 08/30/11 (27 days inject/35 days total pellets+injections) P3 stabilizing well so far 09/11/11 weight 145-146 LIW 145.8 - update 10/09/[email protected] LIW/LID

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    i think 500 is better for more lose


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