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Thread: Does HCG Cause Cancer?

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    Got this in my inbox today:

    Q: Is there a link between hcg and cancer?

    A: Yes. One link between hcg cancer is that certain cancers produce hcg in the body and therefore, hcg is used as a measure of how the cancer is progressing and the type of cancer involved. In this case the cancer causes the hcg, the hcg does not cause cancer.

    Q: Does hcg cause cancer?

    A: The research that I have read disputes the assertion that hcg cause cancer but it may aggravate pre-existing ovarian cancer so that is a contraindication. It has been shown in multiple studies to have protective attributes against certain types of breast cancer. Women who have been exposed to very high levels of hcg over the course of a pregnancy (thousands of times greater than with hcg injections during the hcg diet) tend to have much lower breast cancer rates than women who have never been pregnant.

    Most practitioners consider a glandular cancer (breast, ovary, uterus, prostate, hypothalamus, or pituitary gland) a contraindication for hcg injections because it is not 100% clear the effect that hcg will have on these glands and no practitioner or company wants the liability involved and if the cancer coincidentally reoccurs while taking hcg, it is easy to blame it on anything the patient is taking at the time.

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    Where did the e-mail come from? Is it a reliable source? Are the studies and research that are indicated available for us to see?

    I will question anything that doesn't come from a reliable source and that merely states "the research I have read". Anyone can write anything they want and post it on the internet now-a-days. Without conclusive research results, I don't consider it to be accurate.


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    Since this hormone is used for fertility in woman, its hard for me to accept the fact, that a baby could develop from using hcg........and be born with all kinds of problems. Hmmmmm.

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    Sorry, should have included that. Dr. Kendra Pearsall, She does promote Homeopathic hcg, but from what i know of her, she is not want to knowingly spread lies. Perhaps her site has the references.

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    there must have been more to her article as in a rebuttal so is she saying that homopathic are better....that all hcg is bad I guess if someone were hormone cancer sensitive and that would only be found through testing it could be a problem but then so is breathing polluted air.....


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    What isn't mentioned in there anywhere is that the only studies done on an hcg/cancer link have been done at prescription strengths for fertility enhancement - thousands of IUs per day. It strikes me as a thinly veiled attempt to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) through the population of people who might want to use real hcg instead of "Homeopathic" stuff.

    FUD is a common tactic in technology circles (THE VIRUS IS COMING! WE'RE ALL DOOMED! Unless you buy our great new anti-virus program....), so maybe I'm seeing something that wasn't intended, but I don't have a lot of respect for people who stoop to that level just to promote their own stuff. If your stuff is good, let it stand on its own merits, don't drag down the competition and say you're better by comparison.

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    What is bizzare to me is that Hcg is something that's naturally occuring in MASSIVE amounts in pregnancy. I just don't see how it could cause any problem in and of itself.

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    All I hear that study saying is that is that glandular cancers can be affected by pregnancy. I don't even see that it is indicating that it is because of the hcg. It's just that the hcg (in large quantities, like Scott said) can maybe mimic some kind of bodily reaction that would affect those glandular cancers?

    It could be that it aggravates pre-existing ovarian cancer, just like they said, because doesn't pregnancy do the same thing?

    I agree with Scott though, there is no mention of what kind of quantities they are talking about. That is pretty vital info.


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