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Thread: HCG and Hypothyroidism

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    Does anyone know if you can take HCG if you are insulin resistant and have hypothyroidism ?


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    My doctor prescribed hcg and suggested that I try it using an oral mixture. I am on Armour and HC. Although the original pounds and inches protocol says to get off thyroid meds, we decided to try a protocol where I continue the meds.. So far I am losing weight and haven't had problems.

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    I am a physician with experience treating with hCG and hypothyroid. Dr. Simeons said to get off thyroid, I have successfully treated hypothyroid patients using medication without a problem. You may need to decrease your dosing as you lose weight. Its a good idea to have your doctor test your free t3, free t4 and TSH as you progress. Also, if you feel jittery or your heart rate approaches 100 then you will need to decrease your meds. I find the best Thyroid medication is a compounded sustained release T3/T4 capsule to optimize your free fraction into the upper quartile of the normal range on the blood test.

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    Doc, Thank you! Your comments where very helpful.

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    My doctor perscribed me Nature-Throid , I-throid and Phentermine and I have started to use Hcg oral 2 dys ago . is it safe to use all these medications at the same time ?
    And I am trying to find a doctor in nyc any ideas ?

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    Thank you for your comments...I too am on Thyroid medication, have been for 28 years. I am happy to hear that I can continue my thyroid meds, and I will watch for the signs to decrease my medication. I just had my thyroid levels checked 2 weeks ago and I was on a dose too low for my system, and RX was increase by .25. I will watch this thread...thank you!

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    I am on srt3 and have done really well!

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    I stayed on my thyroid meds on all my rounds. :-)
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    Been on synthroid for a few years now.
    Haven't stopped taking it, on VLCD 25.
    No probs

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    i would not use the Phentermine. it's a nasty med, a stimulant, and if Your Hcg is working correctly you will not need it- or certainly not every day. if you do use it, it will help mask the hunger. but if you're hungry you might need to adjust your dose, so you want to know that. once you're taking the correct dose, you may still have days here and there where you are more hungry than normal- save it for those days. although there are much more natural things you can take. i bought some yerba mate pills, and find those give me a pretty good boost.
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