This is my 2nd round of the protocol, and I can say for sure my motivation is far more than just losing weight. I gained back all of what I lost after the first round, due to what can only be described as a dysfunctional relationship with food. Now this go-around, I really want to reshape how and WHY I eat. Of course, I want to lose the weight, but what about after the protocol is done? Do I want to go back to the bingeing/starving mentality?

I like how the protocol forces you to really examine your hunger (or lack thereof). There have been times on P2 when I wanted to eat "just because," but when I really sat with the craving, I noticed there was no physical hunger associated with it. I like how the time on P2 allows you to retrain yourself and reshape your relationship with food.

So this time around (unlike my first round), I want to make my goal more than just losing weight. I'm tired of the unhealthy eating (starving myself because I'm fat, then bingeing because I'm starving, then feeling guilty cause I binged so I starve myself's maddening!) I can't wait to stabilize in P3 and (hopefully) maintain in P4. I would love to just be able to eat GOOD food because my body is hungry, not because I'm trying to fill some void.

Anyways, thanks for listening. What are YOUR reasons (besides losing weight, cause DUH!) that you're on the protocol?