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Thread: How to see if your HCG is real?

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    How to see if your HCG is real?

    Hi everyone

    I had a question. I'm using HCG injections and got my HCG delivered to me from hcgdietkits.com. (A doctor called me to go over my "health" and then I got the HCG delivered within a week. [I was told the doctor wrote me a script, but I haven't seen it]).

    Anyways, is there a way to test to see if HCG is real? I heard that if u squirt some on a pregnancy test and it comes back positive, then it's real. I did this with the stuff I got and it was negative. I paid a lot of $ for the HCG ($400) and want to know if it's real. Is there any way to know for sure?

    When I called customer service, the "Life Coach" told me that the HCG wouldn't register on a pregnancy test because the HCG I got is a low dosage (5000 amp) compared to the HCG needed to trigger a prego test. (The batch I tested was only 2 weeks old, refrigerated etc.) I'm having doubts whether this is true.

    Does anyone know how I can test this stuff?

    A response is greatly appreciated!

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    That is how you test to see if hcg is present with a pregnancy test and a few drops. If this is injections and it's not registering I would be very leary of them. If there is no hcg present in rx grade something is wrong and your 5000iu would register. Are you using it now?

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    Thanks for your response!

    I used it for 3 weeks; dropped 12lbs (with load) in the first week, lost 1.6 lbs total in week 2, then nothing in week 3. I then switched rx brands after I tried the pregnancy test and got a negative.

    Before starting HCG I was super excited and stupidly enough, I bought two 40day kits of this stuff. ($700 for 2 kits -- needless to say I thought I was getting a deal.)

    I'm not using it now, but since the Company won't refund my $ because they swear it's the real deal, I was hoping I could use them for my next round. (That is if they're real of course.) Losing 12 lbs in week 1 really threw me off; can someone get a 12lb loss without it being real?

    If you can get a positive with just a few drops, my rx HCG has to be fake Darn!

    Anyways, yesterday was my last injection (doing VLCD for 72 hrs) and will be in phase 3 on Christmas Eve.

    Starting weight: 195 (with load) (I have no idea what I was pre-load)
    LWI: 167.8. Crossing my fingers that phase 3 goes smoothly.

    Looking forward to starting Round 2 in February... with the real stuff

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

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    Did it come premixed or did you have to mix it? Was it one vial? It could be that based on the length of time it lost it's potency.

    Based on your losses and if you weren't battling hunger the entire time I'd venture to say the Rx hcg you received was fine.

    Your second and third week numbers are fairly normal...
    216 to 135 in 3 rounds. I've done hHCG and RX.
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    Well as long as you were not hungry while taking it and being on the vlc days than it was working. Homeopathic works for many too but that is always drops or pellets never a shot, so this is puzzling. If this is real hcg mixed for shots it will not keep longer than 30 days of potency after it is mixed so if you store it and try to use it later it may not work, but if it didn't register now and you lost and weren't hungry maybe they have come up with something new - LOL! New things are showing up here all the time, it just makes me really wonder...

    Good luck in February but I would definitely think about getting something fresh by then...

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    even fresh, it doesn't always show a positive preg test- plus it can also depend how much water is mixed with it, how much you put on the test strip, etc. did you mix it yourself? if so, i wouldn't worry about it. if they mixed it for you, it could have been old when they sent it to you.
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    Does it matter if it is old??? I purchased the drops which were shipped to me expired...does this have an impact on it??? Where do you suggest to buy??

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    Good Morning. I have been on injections for 8 days. Not losing a lot so I did a pregnancy test this morning came up negetive. Then I tested the HCG on anither strip and it was positive. I am confused abouth this. The box says compounding pharmacy. Should I buy some where else and where. Pleas help. Thanks

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    Wow, you seem to be paying a lot for the supplies and going on your own. I started at a local clinic with a MD, that's available to me 7 days a week and they supply the prefilled syringes of HCG with B12.

    I did not need to pay for any blood work since I had had it all done from a previous doctor for a yearly physical. The initial doctor visit was $170 which insurance covered, which was good to have the program explaned in detail, and had to adjust some of my medications and supplement.

    After the initial visit, I have to go to the clinic every 2 weeks at a cost of $100 per doctor visit, and 15 prefilled syringes for $70. My insurance pays for the blood work, and doctor visits, but the HCG I have to pay for myself.

    So just the prefilled syringes of HCG with B12 run me less than $5 per day, plus I have someone to call or go see if there are other issues which is a good idea for those who have other health problems. After a few weeks, I do want to break away and go on my own as soon as I can find a reliable HCG source...

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    Hi John, I believe I just went to the same Dr. seminar last night. I would like to know your experience so far and how much you have lost or not? I am considering that Dr office and another person who sells here locally without all the hoops. Let me know. Staci

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