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Thread: HCG Tablets under tongue.

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    HCG Tablets under tongue.

    Haven't heard much conversation about the tablet form of HCG and was wondering what the conventional wisdom is form our forum group?

    I just go the pills today, i have used the shot form but I travel and found the shots problematic, ie keeping them cold to and from other countries.

    Today and tomorrow carb load days.

    I also have a protien shake I like to use and wonder if anyone has an opinion about isagenix shakes.

    Thanks for you time


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    Shakes are fine just watch the sugar. Even really good all natural ones hide sugar. Not sure about Isogenix but Jay Robb is good. I tried Isogenix once and couldn't stomach them. I liked the Jay Robb ones much better. Also with all your travels have you ever thought of trying the patch? There are a couple of threads on here you can find and see how everyone is doing. There are a lot of happy campers here.
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    My first round was trouches, not pills but you do put them under the tongue. They were like squares of wax that dissolved. I did have to keep them cold too. They were easy enough, I was never hungry and I lost weight. So all positives there, I think I would have lost more weight if I had the original protocol to follow but I went through a weight loss clinic. :/
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    I am doing the pills and they are so convenient. I did Drops last summer and they worked but it was a pain to do. The pearls are so easy.


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