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Thread: HCG Third Round done yesterday

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    Wink HCG Third Round done yesterday

    Hi all,
    I thought I would share with you my story with HCG diet
    I read about it online only as we dont have it in Canada.
    by the way I am male 42 yrs old. my weight was 250 lbs and i am 5.10 tall. I was/am chubby for as long as I remember lol, no no In 1997 I was so thin, but in 2000 i started my food journey. enough with my boring story.

    So I went on ebay and bought my first Bottle of Drops back in April 2010, did the diet for 21 days only, lost 23 lbs. during my maintenace period i did not maintain properly so i gained 10 lbs. i went back on the diet two months later and lost another 23 lbs. on my second round i did 30 days or more not sure it was back in Aug 2010, I maintained my weight for a month, and then started gaining all the weight back and gained extra 10 lbs. ofcourse i was eating all kind of food.

    then in January decided to focus on my self and ordered the pelletes this time I ordered three bottles (it was good offer-Ebay too). and I had bottle of drops from last round (sealed) so I started my HCG diet (weight was 251lbs) with drops and did 21 days and drops were gone, I know I was using lots of drops I lost good amount of fat (20.46 lbs); in my first 21 days of this round i was getting stuck with the same weight for two or three days but that did not stop me as i know it works and the body takes some time to adjust to the loss of fat in it. so on my 23rd days on the diet i started using the pellettes and continued using them till i did 40 days with tolal loss of 33.22 lbs for this 40 days. for the last week i was not losing anything for three days and scale would move .22 lbs wich is nothing so I did appl day twice and I did lose 2.64 lbs the first time. second time I did half day (appl day LOL) i had two appls for breakfast and had my hcg diet lunch (100 g protein and veggies) then I continued eating my appls i lost 1.54 and did it third time with exact same result.

    i look slimer specialy my face, my clothes are big and loose on me, and it feels GREAT, my only hope and pray that i will maintain properly and go to the next round of the diet without gaining.
    the only thing is that my belley did not go away its smaller but not totaly, i feel my loss was from my legs and hips and chest area. well the belley too but I hoped that the most of it would go away but I can not control it.
    I just wanted to share this journey with you guys specially that I saw amazing ppl with amazing results and they are maintaining it so perfectly and I am planning to do the same too.
    Bless you all.

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    Great story! Congrats

    6/27/11 R3P2D1 vlcd 180.2 (after 6 day load: yikes!)
    D2 177.2 -3
    D3 176 -1.2
    D4 174.8 -1.2
    D5 175 +.2

    4/23/11 R2P2D1 vlcd 184.4
    (short hcg round- 1 week then no hcg and high fat/mod protein)
    5/30 start of wk 4 maintenance 172.5
    end of maintenance 172 -12.4

    1/5/11 D1 221.8 -38lbs (66 days)

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    thnaks for you reply.
    On my first day on P3 - wekll the next day on the scale I was up by 2lbs and the next day was up 1.5lbs extra , the third day i did only appl in morning had P3 lunch and apples for dinner, the next day i was down 2lbs - the next day i stayed same nothing lost so i am taking it EASY and not eating the huge breakfast of my first 1st day on p3.


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