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Thread: Help I fell off the wagon!!

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    I am on my 4th day of the VLCD and have done so good. I am down 8 lbs. Today my son was eating nachos at a ballgame and I rationalized that I could have just one. The bad news I wasn't able to stop. Next i went for some fudge stick cookies. Does anyone have experience with this that could tell me what the scales are going to say tomorrow. I just feel like I've blown it and I should just give up, but I really wanted this to be my ticket to getting healthy. Can anyone tell me what to expect?

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    I can't tell you what the scales will say but I can tell you to just pick yourself up and do better tomorrow.

    What good is giving up gonna do you?

    Will it help you lose the weight? Will it help you to become healthy? Of course not! Just say to yourself, well I can't fix yesterday but I can keep it from happening again and move on. That will help you to lose the weight and to become healthy.

    I am almost done with my second round and I cheated once during the first, I had a couple of mixed drinks. I was out of town so I didn't weigh, but when I came home 2 days later I was still up 2 pounds. So, I decided it wasn't worth it, I wouldn't let it happen again. I mean come on I knew what a vodka soda tasted like, I could have waited. Just like you know what "insert temptaion here" tastes like too, you can wait too. This isn't forever, it's for however many days you are doing it and then at least another 3 weeks. Eventually you can have a serving of "insert temptaion here" again and hopefully by then you will be have learned how to stop after 1 serving. We aren't going to never taste our favorites again but we aren't for awhile.

    Just tell yourself this: I've tasted it before, I will taste it again, but there's no way it tastes as good as being thin feels.

    Good luck to you! Don't quit, write down what I said, and read it every time you feel weak.

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    I feel for you. I started the protocol on the 27th. The 3rd day was okay because I had loaded up on everything that I thought that I might want in the near future. The 4th day was HARD. Temptation was every where. Everything looked good, including a piece of cheese. I got through day 4 (5 and 6) by gargling with Listerine when I felt a craving coming on. And, it helped. I must admit to having ranch dressing on my lettuce on day 8. I haven't seen an increase on the scale. But, I keep Listerine in the car with me for just in case the cravings return. It keeps easier. Keep at it!

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    A lot of people "fall off the wagon", so to speak and think it is the end of the world. Pick up and move on. As 'lowcarb...' said in the above post, what good will it do to give up? Move on and do the best you can. Then you can say you did your best, you tried, and you succeeded. If needed, try again later.

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    Eating all the foods you love got you heavy in the first place so returning to them won't do anything else for you but more of the same....just get back on the protocol and keep's well worth it a few more days down the line. Yes it's difficult, metabolizing body fat is one of the most complex chemical processes your body experiences....but when your weight eventually resets at it's new lower limit and you can eat a bit of everything you want without substantial gains you'll be glad you endured all this. At 15 days I'm down 26 lbs and hanging in there...a couple slips along the way but the train didn't derail....good luck

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    I fell off the wagon and since then I feel like I am hungry...extremely hungry. I am PMS and the cravings for anything that is not on the protocol are very strong....very frustrated about the set back and the urge to cheat again is overwhelming.

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    Eve, its true that once you cheat, it seems to awaken the taste buds, and you want more of the same non protocol food. Try more water, hot teas, and if you have too alittle broth in a box sometimes helps. It's mind over matter, and those fat cells don't go away without a fight!!! Pat yourself on the back for each hour you get thru without giving in to your cravings. The longer you go, the easier it will get again. Hang in there!!!! We are here for you!!!
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    Scott--hang in there. Just becasue you blew it one day doesnt mean it is over. You may have lost the battle but you can still win the war. You will probably gain from it but then decide it is not worth setting you back a few days and just keep on trucking! Get back on the horse and stick to it. Eve, it does seem to be true if you cheat it makes it easier for youto do again. You really have to commit to doing it and just remember it is not forever -- You can stick to it for 26 or 43 days or however many you are doing it for. I have a friend that keeps going off and on and she started before me. If she had kept to it she would be almost done but she is kind of wasting money I think by doing this and not sticking to it. She hasn't continued long enough eithout cheating to overcome the cravings, they do go away...I never would have believed it if I hadn't experienced it. I just got used to it and then enjoyed the regimen and cant wait to get back to it. Not totally impressed with anything I had on P3 so far and nothing I could not have lived without.

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    Scott, as they say tomorrow is another day... we all screw up ... but the key for me is coming up with solutions before the BIG tempation arrises or avoiding certain situations if one can... Happy teas


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