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Thread: Help... Being Forced to Go 2 Sushi

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    ahhhh i dont know what to do!!!! my boyfrined and his fam are going to dinner for his moms bday and i have to go... and tips on what to eat at a sushi returant, i dont wanna be rude and not anything!!! can i have the miso soup, and like sahshimi.. anyone know of a no carb roll??/ its gonna b tourcher i L O V E sushi

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    p2 or P3? sashimi is your best option for either....ask them to hold the rice. Miso soup is probably OK if you are in p3. Look for some veggie salad to order if you are in p3...but they usually put a sweet dressing on it. As far as a low carb roll, anything that is not wrapped in rice...trying to think of what that other stuff is called that they make wraps out caffeine hasn't kicked in yet this morning.
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    If on P2 you can order teriyaki chicken with sauce on the side. I was in the same situation
    last round and I had no gain. Just eye ball how much to can also get salad with dressing
    on the side.

    Good luck!
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    The sushi places around me have low carb rolls that substitute cucumber for rice and seaweed. Basically, it's thinly sliced cucumber strips wrapped around the sashimi to form the sushi rolls. It usually costs more but, it's totally phase 2 friendly.

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    ahhh i heart u guys.... ya im in p2 so i know not to many options, but im thankfully for you ideas i love it xoxo


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