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Thread: Help with medication issue

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    Help with medication issue

    I had an emergency medical procedure. It wasnít life threatening but they wouldnít let me take my medication. Iíve been off of it and off protocol for almost a week. This round has been a disaster.

    What should I do? Just restart and jump back in? I wanted to do a 46 day round.

    I think I read somewhere that unless youíve been off the medication for two week you do not reload?

    Please help I desperately want to salvage this round.

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    How long were you in P2 before the break?

    What did you eat during the break?

    You can take a 2 week interruption without reloading, but you can't take it until you have had 23 dose days.
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    I was on it for about 25 days and I ate whatever the hospital gave me those days I was off. It was all crap. Iíve really messed up.


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