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Thread: Help Mixing New Liquid Hucog

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    this is the 1st time I am using the liquid form..so I am confused how to mix...my mixing syringe is cc/ml how much bac water do I add? I ordered the 2000iu and want to do 200iu injections. I would really like to do my first injection today. I am used to drawing up 20 units on the current syringes I have. They are listed in units and not cc or ml. (this is when I do the injection..the other syringe is for when I am mixing.

    Please help me fast!!

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    I answered you on the other thread, but this one actually has the info I needed

    You want to add 3 ml of bac water to your hcg.

    You will be using a dose of .40 or 40 on the insulin needle.

    You can add less, 1 ml and dose at .20 or 20 but you are making it more concentrated and can cause it to burn when you inject. It really is your call


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    oh thank you..I just sent you more info on the other thread...i think this should help..having the different syringes is what is confusing me I think...because one says a 1/2 ml and the other is a 1ml syringe. so I should use the 1ml syringe which is 100 units>>right?

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    you're welcome

    You can actually use either one because .40/40 isn't up to 1/2. it's which ever one you feel more comfortable filling. It's the needle size that you must make sure you are using the right one. Since you're doing subq I'm assuming that the needle is already attached to the syringe?


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    yes it is attached...so .40 is pretty much the same as drawing up the .20 that I did before, just more concentrated. My ex used to do this for me and math was never my forte..so i just don't want to make any mistakes. !!

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    Yes, .40 or 40 will be the exact same dose as the 20 you were taking before. You'll do just fine mixing it and drawing up


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    ok here it goes!!! thank you for your help!!

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    Let me know how you do!



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