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Thread: HELP!!weight gain...WHY??!!

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    Unhappy HELP!!weight gain...WHY??!!

    I did the HCG diet in March for 60 days and lost a total of 30lbs which was great even thou i had some huge hurdles in the way. I have been eating low low carb and NO sugar ever since i got done with the diet....I don't indulge in any of the old goodies (pizza, cake, bread) unless i make it myself or find a carb friendly product for it. I have been very busy the last few month since we moved (military) and had to sell our home and bought another house, i also just became a grandma for the first time....reason i'm mentioning all this is to show that i do lead a very active life style and eat VERY healthy but none the less the weight keeps creeping back up on me =( It started shortly after i was done with the diet by adding a little here and there which i always tried to correct by doing a steak day right away but eventually it got to the point where i would have had to do a steak day at least every other day which is getting quiet stressfull not to mention expensive! to be honest i haven't even bothered going on the scale in the last couple weeks cause it depresses me soo much to see all this hard work and the sacrifices go straight out the window *sigh* i also have had more problems with my digestive system (stomache) since the diet then i ever had before in my life. I practicially can't eat anything without getting bubble guts, nausea, indigestion and stomach cramps. I seem to have developed a food sensitivity to anything and everything i use to be able to eat before espcially dairy. I'm afraid of eating anything anymore and STILL keep gaining weight =(( I can tell that i regained at least 10 lbs if not more (too scared to go on the scale). I'm just plain clueless at this point.......i did the diet so i could feel better and not have to worry about these things but instead i feel worse and the weight is coming back faster then i lost it....please someone tell me what to do!!!!!!

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    first of all, you can't fix what you won't face- so you need to get on the scale and see what the damage is. then i'd drop back to lean meats, LOTS of veggies and salads, and one low-sugar fruit per day. do that for a week or so and see what happens to your weight. then get your food sensitivities tested so you can have a better idea what to avoid. and exercise- that will not only help burn calories, but tone up your muscles as well as help your stress level.
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    When was the last time you had your thyroid checked? many many people have low-grade conditions and don't know it. Nothing makes me gain weight more than taking too little Armour. Also, how are your hormones these days? Balanced?

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    Thanks for the input! I know i need to face the damage to find out how "bad" it is =( I'd understand the weight gain if i'd binge on unhealthy foods but i haven't had anything that wasn't on my allowed food list since i started the diet in march, i don't even know what pizza or cake tastes like anymore and don't miss it even (maybe a little Hubby and I have become huge protein and veggie junkies (non starchy veggies) and when we eat fruit we try to limit it to mostly low sugar ones. He did the diet with me and lost almost 50 lbs and maintained it even thou he eats the same foods i do but in larger portions, he occasionally splurges a bit and can get away with it, i can't even look at anything without blowing up like a balloon =(( If remodeling and old farmhouse is considered exercise then i get enough of that do need to get my food sensitivities in check and also my thyroid cause i'm wondering if that could be the cause of my problem cause its not my food intake for sure. I have been going through early menopause the last few year due to having had a hysterectomy which causes my hormones to be a bit out of balance, i try to regulated it with black cohosh. I'm really hoping to find the reason for this weight gain cause i feel like i'm fighting a losing battle no matter what i do cause eating soo healthy and still beeing punished by the negative results is defianlty not a good feeling.

    DeeGee....I would really like to try the thyroid armour and see if it helps, can you buy it over the counter or is it only available by prescription???


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