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Thread: How Long Do the HHCG Drops Last?..Found they CAN lose potency if opened.

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    I've never used drops, only pellets. They are far more resilient, they don't need refrigeration, and you can use a partial bottle for a subsequent round without issues. That is, if the pellets are effective in the first place.
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    I came across an intriguing comment on an HCG website regarding the potency of homeopathic HCG. It suggests that refrigerating an opened bottle can help maintain its potency for longer periods if it's not going to be used for a few days or weeks. I didn't refrigerate mine after the first round, and now I'm wondering if that might be the cause of the issue. It's fascinating how small details like this can make a difference in the effectiveness of the product.

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    I've used hhcg in the past and never refrigerated it. Worked fine.
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    Homeopathic hhcg does not need refrigeration. It does not expire as long as it is kept away from light sources and electo-magnetic influence. Back of a cablinet or drawer works well. It is recommended to tap the bottle before each use to stir up the frequencies. I've always found homeopathics rather mystifying, but they do seem to work.
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