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Thread: Homeopathic HCG Lounge - Where Homeopathic Drop Users Can Come and Relax

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    Thank you! I googled it an got conflicting answers, so I thought I would ask the pros!

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    Nutshell - WAY TO GO!! I also have a stash for trick or treat, but I haven't been tempted yet! Where did you get your Braggs Amino Acid? Steak sounds yummy today! I had chicken, again, but I am learning new ways to cook it.

    My family had casserole tonight and I was dying for some! LOL I really wanted it. But I didn't taste even one noodle! I know I can do this for 23 days! I know I can!!
    Night everyone! I should have been in bed 2 hours ago!

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    Remember everyone to read labels. For example Beestly some chicken broths have sugar in them as one of the flavoring agents.

    To assist with hunger/cravings I have my favorite drink I picked up from another site that is delish. It's 2 fresh strawberries, 2-3 frozen strawberries, a tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese and vanilla stevia. I put that all in my bullet blender and whirl it together --- a delicious creamy strawberry smoothy... can't even taste the cottage cheese.

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    It would be heresy to use store-bought chicken broth in my house, lol. We raise and butcher our own and have a freezer full of chicken feet we add, lol.

    I took the advice of the clinic and ate more to stop the "crisis" my body was in and am down almost 2 pounds this morning!

    The clinic is called hcg Slim Xpress. Clinic is an overstatement. More of a dispensary. But they are in Wa, Or and CA, with one doctor for all the locations doing intakes via phone. Just asking whether you have x,y, or z health problems. Intake is $159 and hcg is $35 per week, with everything included. Plus they measure and fat calibrate you and give you journals and books, etc. So it's not too bad compared to what some other clinics charge. They do recommend higher calories though and deviate from the original protocol in some ways, which i know is heresy for some. I personally have seen science and understanding of physiology advance a lot in past years, so i'm open to doing things differently. For instance, once does not develop an "immunity" to hormones, but rather a cellular resistance, and there are ways to prevent and deal with that. I don't know if that was understood in the 50s. GP just sent me some links to all the work being done with sublingual that is also newer and pretty impressive. I think it's WONDERFUL that this diet has been around so long and doctors around the world can experiment with it and hopefully add good things to the pool of knowledge.

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    On day 14 vlcd, have only lost 10 pounds. The last couple of days my husband and I have both felt really hungry. My stomach just growled, and I had 1/2 grapefuit! Should we up our hhc? Right now taking .5 3X day. Vicki

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    Sooo I got on the scale this morning & had only lost .4 I was more than a little upset to say the least. BUT then I went to my fitday account to update my weight & started thinking about it......I have lost a total of 6.2 lbs in 6 days what am I whining about??? I had to step back & look at the big picture LOL As of tomorrow I will have been on this 1 week including my load days because I started my load last Saturday so even with gaining I lost 6.2!!! I feel a little better about that. I know I am not going to be one of these people that are dropping pounds fast everyday. I am a very very impatient person so I have to keep reminding myself to look at the overeall loss!! I went ahead & upped my Mediral this morning to 20 drops. But when I bought my bottles they had said that each bottle should last for 13 days at 15x3 but I was looking at my bottle this morning & I know this isn't going to last 13 days especially since I upped my dose, but I think I may be taking bigger drops than needed??? I just squeeze the top little each time....how is everyone else doing this??

    Oh yeah & I have a nice rash on my chest spreading up my next - searched around the forum a little bit & found that this happens to a lot of people! So don't freak out if it starts to happen to you! It is a little itchy & I am not to happy that my chest is red, but hey I have also lost 6.2 lbs in 6 days so I can't complain! I just wish it would get a little cooler here already so I could wear more clothes to cover it LOL - supposed to be 80 here today )

    momof3boys woohoo awesome willpower!! I know this is hard but I feel like you do - I CAN & WILL DO THIS FOR 23 DAYS!!! I am already almost ot the end of week one!! You are right behind me so we can do this )

    BEESTLY....................WHERE ARE YOU???? ARE YOU OK????????

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    Sorry Beestly just saw your post!! You must have been typing at the same time I was LOL WOW 2lbs!!!!!! That is AWESOME :O) How are you feeling now since you upped things a little?? Is the brain fog gone now???

    mv- ONLY 10lbs in 14 days?? That is still a great weight loss!!! I am not sure how to calculate your drops hopefully someone else can. What brand are you on???

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    I'm here, lol. Where else would i be. I have decided to switch to sublingual and will do that today probably.

    Nutshell my hands have gotten a little itchy, interesting. Magnesium or epsom salt baths can help with detoxing.

    Even though i'm going to transition from hhcg, i'm going to check in regularly bc i have bcm attached to everyone here, lol.

    I do have one bottle of my PCHF and Weight Off for sale. They ARE stronger, i could feel it.

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    I feel much better when i eat. Last night i was wide awake at 3 am (classic sign of hypoglycemia -- blood sugar drops too low so adrenals go into overdrive to raise it up, pumping you full of stress hormones in the meantime). I got up and ate one of my chicken breasts and fell back asleep. It's hard to deviate like this, but i am in survival mode now, lol.

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    Beestly - I am so glad you are feeling better & I want to keep in touch & I want to know how the sublingual is working for you! I have pretty much made up my mind that on the next round I am going that route! Thanks for the tip I am going to take an epsom salt bath tonight & see if it helps ) I have a big sunken in bath tub which I LOOOVE to fill up with vaseline's bath oil, but I think I would be just sitting there soaking in fat LOL so I can still light my candles & relax in the tub with some epsom salts LOL It is my quiet time ;/

    Keep us all posted on how the new stuff works, I can't wait to hear from you!!

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    Can someone explain difference between sublingual and hhcg? I thought they were one in the same, simply s/l meaning drops under the tongue....perhaps I am wrong and s/l is a rx grade formula of hcg???

    Ramona--thanks for that great sounding smoothie recipe! Can't wait to try that...mmmm

    Beestly--sounds like a pretty good deat at your clinic...sweet!

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    Julie, both sublingual prescription grade hcg and the homeopathic hcg (hhcg) are taking orally. Firedudette, you can go 30 days and then your vlcd days without drops. Doesn't matter if you do 29 or 36 days. Whatever works for you. I just would not go longer than 43 days. Don't think you plan too!


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