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Thread: I'm just needing to pour my heart out right now.

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    I agree, but I wish it was easier to get help for adrenal and thyroid issues in the US.
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    Hi, I haven't been on in a while and found your post, I wanted to let you know that it does get better. You get so used to p2 then p3 comes and you can' t get back in the right frame of mind. Just know that if you mess up it is only 4 weeks of your life at a time on p2. Don' t look so far ahead that it seems insurmountable. I started in April 2011, went through 4 rounds and lost all I wanted, i keep within a 2 lb window for over a year...now I am back(to get a refit) it is a lifetime of struggle for most of us. I just think that knowing that this diet is here is my blessing. That fact is it works, but you might fall off the wagon, for me thanksgiving to New Years caused me a gain of 15 lbs. so I m back, I was cocky and I thought I was never going to need to diet ever again, I cried and yelled how can I get back here,then I realized I didn't get back here. I still lost 5 0 lbs,you will get through. The rest of your life is calling what is 3weeks in the scheme of it all.

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