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Thread: Most Importantly....WATER, WATER...WATER!

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    Most Importantly....WATER, WATER...WATER!

    People are often perplexed about exactly how much water they need to drink.... Over the years I did a bit of research and I found this information very helpful and included it in my personal write-up That I give to friends who embark on an HCG Journey and hope it will be helpful here as well

    The holy grail of all diets....The first must know rule is this - If you feel hunger, 99% or the time it is your body’s way of telling you it is dehydrated, First drink water, wait 10 minutes, if you still feel hungry then eat if you have to.

    The second must-know rule you must know when starting out on HCG is that hunger could mean that your dose is possibly too high (or too low), so in order for HCG to work, make very sure that you are hungry and not dehydrated in order for your HCG to work properly.

    Did you know that the ideal water intake is based on your body weigh? The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in Ounces.... ie, if you weigh 180lbs you should drink 90onces of water a day - that equals to
    • (Your weight)/2.2 = (your weight in pounds)
    • Divide that by 2 = this is half your weight in lbs
    • Multiply that by 30ml
    • That is your daily water requirement
    • Example :
    • [Take 70kgs x2.2 = 154lbs
    • Divide by 2 = 77
    • Multiply that by 30ml =
    • That means a person weighing 70 kgs should drink at least 2.3 Litres of water a day
  2. Keep in mind also that in some countries' summers we perspire more, especially so when you are exercising or are a very active person

  3. Also, Did you know…..
    * Even MILD dehydration can slow down metabolism as much as 3%.
    * One 8 ounce glass of water consumed before each meal will help decrease appetite and you will eat less.
    * One glass of water may shut down midnight hunger for almost 100% of dieters
    * If you don't drink enough water, your body may actually store water in response to your body's survival mechanism
    * When your body breaks down fat reserve, water helps the kidneys remove the waste produced from the excess fat reserve and eliminate it from the body.
    * Water assists in the excretion of waste from the bowel and kidneys and may help prevent constipation
    * Lack of water is the number 1 cause of daytime fatigue.
    * Water assists in digestion and the absorption of nutrients in food so while on a low calorie diet you will maintain the proper nourishment needed to your tissues and organs
    * If you have trouble drinking water, infuse it with Cinnamon or Ginger which will flavour your water and help maintain blood sugar and aid in digestion respectively
    * Also be mindfull of TOO MUCH water, as this can wash the nutrients of what you eat out of your system.

    Happy Drinking
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    This quite interesting post. I never realized that water can make so much impact on your body, whenever I feel hungry I eat something like chips, sandwich or any other snack and then I drink a lot water. I was very skinny around four three years ago and my weight was only 45kg but now I'm gaining weight and I know how to loss this. It was in my mind that I'm doing long hours desk job from 9-6 (Monday to Saturday) that's why I'm gaining weight, now I understood what i did wrong with myself. I drink very less water i think only three to fours glass per day. I have purchased few weight loss supplements and I felt minor change in my body.

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    Camila... I have a 1 litre bottle on my desk all day and try to finish one by Lunchtime...and then another throughout the days
    Then I add about 3 large cups of green tea a day..... I get THIRSTY beyound words if I do not have water available
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