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Thread: How many injections a week are necessary?

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    The doctor I have started to see has a program where you have only 1 injection per week. After the first 4-6 weeks, they re-evaluate your progress and may bump you up to 2 injections per week. They say that people have success with this program but I have seen other programs that have multiple shots per week and even daily injections. Someone also told me that the HCG only stays in your system for one day. Is there a set rule that I should follow regarding the amount of shots? Should I be trying to get more shots per week?

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    You must remember that Dr Simeons Protocol is a "Weight Loss cure" If you just want to lose weight a 500 or even a 1000 calorie diet will do that.

    Dr S says the minimum treatment is 26, 23 injections daily 3 more days of the VLCD!
    On the 43 day protocol you skip one day a week but stay on the diet.

    I was not looking for just wieght loss but I wanted a "cure" so I am doing Dr S protocol. Not Kevins, Not some clinics and Not some Dr that thinks he has improved it.

    There is a reason I been told to post "Results not typical" because my results were so much better than those doing other programs. I have lost 110 lbs in 9 months and my wife lost over 70.

    Just my Opinion.

    You can see my results at


    PS: the 43-day protocol cost about $165. That is for everything, all the supplies, shipping etc. What does your Dr want?

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    My Doc wants $150 every four weeks. That includes appetite suppressant in addition to the HCG once a week and a food plan.

    How did you get set up with the 43-day protocol?

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    Go to and type in hcg in the search box.

    Purchase two 5000 iu ampules of hcg for your 43 day protocol. (organon, Hucog, doesn't matter)

    Then go to and order a 43 day hcg protocol mixing kit (comes with EVERYTHING you need)

    When it's mixing time you're free to email me and I can help you or you can watch something on youtube. I use 8mL of bacteriostatic water. I put 2mL of that into the hcg ampule and set aside. Then i get the other 6mL out of the bac. water and squirt it into the empty vile that will hold the hcg for the program. Then you just go back to the ampule and draw the 2mL's that has diluted the hcg back up into the syringe and squirt it into 6mL you already have ready and you are done! You will shoot yourself with .3cc (the 3 on the syringe) daily taking one day off per week (same day each week). This makes your dosage per day around 187iu. When you are out mix your next batch and continue on the last half. You can do a full, hcg, EVERYTHING for around $120 or less... The doctors are ripping you off and profiting BIG TIME. Unless you just like spending your hard earned money I would suggest doing it yourself. It is SOOOO easy and there's plenty of help being offered on youtube by people that have done it a lot. Also, do look at Bob's website above (two posts prior).

    Good luck!!


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