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Thread: KETO vs. HCG....HCG absolutely wins, here's my experience

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    KETO vs. HCG....HCG absolutely wins, here's my experience

    I am a dyed in the wool HCG believer but to successfully do a round you need 4 months you can COMPLETLY dedicate to the effort, well I didn't have that and didn't have that much to loose, so I tried Keto. as I said I'm an HCG guy BUT I did follow the program EXACTLT and gave it the same effort and attention to detail I would an HCG round...here's what I found in my 3 weeks:

    - The 1st 5 days saw about the same results as HCG, about 5lb loss (mostly water of course)
    - After 1st week down 5 pounds...HGC Average CONSISTANLY 10 lbs
    - Week 2, down 7 pounds...HGC Average CONSISTANLY 14lbs
    - Week 3 Still at only 7 pounds with HCG I would have been at 18-19 lbs down
    - With HCG I CONSISTANLY dropped weight every day or "stalled" for a day or two, with KETO weight went up and down even when eating the EXACT same things in the EXACT same quantity
    - I used test strips and would go "in" and "out" of Ketosis for no reason, I'd stay under 20g of carbs and one day IN and the next OUT??? completely unpredicatble

    The Pros
    - Never got super hungry, decent selection of foods
    - Not really that hard
    - Did reset my "discipline" on water and food selection so it wasn't a complete loss

    The CONS
    - I didn't like eating fats all the time...yuck!
    - Didn't like the way I felt, got occasional head aches my kidneys ached (I know right??) and just felt blah. some of it psychosomatic...sure, but didn't like it
    - Was PISSED I didn't see the scale move .5lbs down a day like HCG.

    If I had to use one word for KETO it's "unpredictable" I stopped after 3 weeks because of lack of results, I got to 184 which is acceptable and more import, I didn't want a compromised immune/health system with the Corona virus thing. I would NOT recommend KETO. Results are poor and if you don't have the will power for HCG you will NOT have the will power for KETO. If you wanna loose weigh do HCG properly and you will

    Attached is a graph of previous HCG rounds over the past 10 years
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