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Thread: Kidney Transplant 16 Years Post Transplant

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    OK, here's the deal. I have had 2 kidney transplants, the most recent was 16 or so years ago. My weight ballooned from a healthy 100 (5'10") to my current 255 because I wasn't fully aware of what the transplant drugs would do to my appetite. I was a young teen and couldn't control my junk food intake. Well, I've been steady in weight for quite a while now, and I want to use this as a spring board to get back down to 180-200. I think the pro's in the loss far outweigh the cons especially since high blood pressure and weight put stress on my good transplanted kidney.

    I've got the willpower needed to take this on, I've all but quit the soda and drink much more water and unsweetened tea now. I very rarely have sweets/candy. As big as I am, I don't eat a whole lot.

    My question is, are there any other transplant recipients or actual doctors/medical professionals that treat transplant patients on here that have first hand experience with this diet and has it affected blood levels negatively? I will talk to my doctors about it, but I'd like to have some additional first hand anecdotal stories.

    Thank you

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    Hi! I am not a doctor, but I am a health care professional...advanced practice nurse. My first piece of advice is you definately need to do this protocol through a medically supervised clinic. You need to have your nephrologist on board as well. And the function of your transplanted kidney needs to be monitored more frequently than you are monitoring it now (guessing here). But the main point is, you need alot of extra monitoring. I agree that losing weight is important....but equally if not more important is to maintain the health of that wonderful "gift of life" you were given. HCG is a natural it probably won't affect your transplanted kidney....but the diet we follow and the phase three part of the protocol (high protein) might affect it. So, talk to your nephrologist, explain the diet, and explain phase three....see what they say. If they say it is OK...make sure you are monitored on a weekly basis to make sure your kidney continues to do well. I hope this helps. You can probably do will just take more medical monitoring and patience on your part. Good luck )
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