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Thread: Laxatives

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    Can you take laxatives while on the HCG diet?

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    I don't believe you are supposed to, according to the original protocol.

    I have been adding FiberSure to my morning tea, and sometimes in my evening tea as well. I have stayed very regular on the diet. Also try eating some of the veggies with more fiber that are allowed on the diet.

    Good luck!

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    a lot of people drink Smooth Move tea to get things moving.

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    My Doc prescribed Dr. Shulze Colon Cleanse - that & my coffee keep things movin'.

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    Can anyone tell me what retailer I can pick up the "Smooth Tea", I have only been able to locate online?

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    here is another one you can try. i bought it at albertsons. it was in the health food section. it is called Yogi Tea-get regular. it has cardamon and ginger in it so it tastes nice.

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    Thanks guys,
    I bought the Smooth Move Tea yesterday, drank some last night, and things moved right along this morning I'm proud too say! I think I will drink it the rest of the week just to keep things Smooth.

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    Can you tell me what retailer you were able to locate the Smooth Tea or did you find it online?

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    I found the Smooth Move Tea at Whole foods, I'm sure they sell it at Trader Joe's, Sprouts or any other "Healthy Food" store. They also have it online at It really works.

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    I prefer Dr. Schulze #1 intestinal formula. I feel like I'm having a natural movement. Whenever I have had the Smooth Move tea I get sharp jabbing pains in my stomach, feel like I'm getting diarrhea, and the release feels much more violent and not "smooth". I feel like if I don't get to the bathroom in that moment I'll have an accident. So I don't know, maybe that's just me.

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