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Thread: Life after HCG?

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    Life after HCG?

    Hi everyone! I just finished my round, lost 18 lbs and have been on P3/p4 for about 8 weeks and have had no problems stabilizing. My question is, how do you lose more weight after hcg? I only want to lose 5 more lbs and really don't want to do another round for such a small amount. But I'm scared to do a 'traditional' diet and mess my system up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I've battled the same thing before. Have you thought of doing a short round, and losing the 5 lbs, and then adding calories to 800-900 until the 23 days (as suggested by Dr. Simeons). Or another idea would be to try a low carb diet for a few weeks (think Atkins induction). I agree it's tricky to know what to do. Congrats on being where you are right now though!

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    I think if you eat real whole fresh foods, limit your calories, and keep to the low carb side you should probably be able to safely take off a few more pounds provided you don't have underlying health issues. Also, some people have used the steak days proactively to drop 1/2 to 1 pound. Basically fast for a day, then eat steak & salad, then do a P3 day... 2 days a week you are "dieting" and the rest you are maintaining. I don't think you will mess up your system, unless you're binging, purging, or starving.
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    The fastest way to do this is to do another round, and up your calories with additional protein after you reach your goal. If you have been stabilizing well on P3/P4, I wonder if you will drop a few more pounds if you just go back to only P3 eating OR, eating 1200-1600 calories of mainly P2 foods with a bit of good fat included. Pretty much what Lisa said.
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