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Thread: little tiny bites of cheating?? anyone? does it hurt you loses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabina View Post
    It's a 40 day diet, a little over 1 month. I would never risk not losing all I can by taking a bite of something. Not worth it.
    Agreed. How'd we wind up in this position in the first place? A little of this and a little of that? Sometimes the intended 'little' turns into a full fledged binge.... I't not worth the risk.
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    well i feel like if the diet is truly working and you are staying on protocol you have no cravings so no temptation. i did a cleanse before i started so maybe that is why i have no cravings now but i thought it was the nature of the protocol, to detox and purge your body from sugars and carbs and additives so even if you don't see it on the scales you could be setting yourself up for cravings and perhaps a harder maintainace further down the road.

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    My aunt did a total of 4 rounds. She cheated in 2 of them and with each cheat round she had a hard time stabilizing in P3/P4. She swears it was the cheats that did it to her. So it might not hurt your losses in P2 but it could catch up with you in p3/p4. Its just not worth it!

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    I have to taste my family dinner for spices when I'm cooking, but I don't swallow, (I know it sounds gross ) but I spit it right out. I had to start doing this after my poor family had a few too many extra salty, extra super spicy meals at the beginning of my journey.
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    I have had little negliable cheats. They didn't seem to affect my loss (I average .5 a day) but like it was pointed out, how do I know I couldn't have lost an extra .2 the next day. Its also true that it's not really worth it. Yes, I wanted it (a tiny piece of pepperoni)...and it was there and gone so quickly, I'd have another 4 little tiny pieces...and they were there and gone so quickly too. I had to pinch myself to get myself to stop. If I hadn't, I probably would have had a little cheese, then a little bite, then more little bites.

    Those little, tiny cheats are so small and neglible...but they put you down the path of full-out cheating. If you don't gain or stall from it, you think, "Hey, I can't do that again. I didn't gain or stall, so its okay". I admit to not being as "on protocol" as most (drinking Diet Coke every day; recently added Shake N' Bake to my chicken) but I do think the average person's willpower is going to be compromised with the "tiny cheats".

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    I have tiny cheats (2 nuts here, and extra melba there) and it doesn't seem to affect me, but the problem isn' that is that I know that if I hav ethat bite of pizza or donut or chocolate, I won't be able to stop and I'll crave it all day! Its only 40 days so its better to just not, for me anyway.


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    For me a tiny cheat turns into a full on carb festival!! Can't do it personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluepixelsz View Post
    thank you everyone, the part about the carvings its true how many carbs do you galz eat per day? I am always around 60g, but i am reading the south beach diet and i am over by 20g. Iam getting a little worried about Phase 3 since iam only eating a fruit per day how will i manage to eat 20 or 40 per day//
    This isn't supposed to be a low-carb diet per se...if it were, you wouldn't be eating two fruits, veggies and Melba toast! Sure it's limited, but it's not a high protein only diet. When your body is using only its fat as it's main energy source (since we only eat 500 calories), you need the limited carbs for energy. I know lots of folks try to skip fruit or Melba toast...but Dr. Simeons is pretty clear abou tnot trying to "improve" the diet. His protocol was established after years & years of research....

    As for P3 and P4....I eat very few carbs (a la South Beach) because they really do screw with my weight (I'm still insulin resistant at this point). I eat one carb serving a day (I try to make it healthy, brown rice, sweet potato, baked potato or beans, etc--but occasionally use those carbs on one slice of pizza) and load up on protein, low-starch veggies (all of 'em!), nuts & fats. If my weight goes up, I cut carbs for a day and i'm back down the next. Amazing. It worked that way for 6 weeks for me. Prior to this I always rebounded with my wt when comin goff a diet. This time I stablized 5 lbs below last Drops wt.

    For me, carbs are not my friends,..but on this protocol I believe they are necessary for brain function! Just me 2 cents!!
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    I've been tempted by my little one's food too...I've actually taken a bite or two, chewed it up, then spat it out!

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    Someone asked me just this morning " Can't you at least have one little bite of that b-day cake you made for so & so... " My answer- "I could, and I want to, but that little bite takes me down a path I don't want to go... I know what is at the end of it"... MORE CHEATING... Not worth it!

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