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Thread: Did Anyone Load for 3 Days?

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    So, I have PMS TOM comes Dec 31 or Jan 1
    I load on Dec 31, but I did was recommended to maybe load tomorrow, but not excessively just eat a few more carbs etc....thoughts?

    Then I would "super load" on 31st and 1st..any thoughts anyone?

    Did you do it and how was your protocol? How long? How much? etc. I want to lose maybe 15 this round? and be DONE... 2nd round...

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    I loaded for 3 days. I did Homeopathic hcg for 40 days on my first round. I did fine. I pigged out all three days. Wasn't hungry much once I started the vlcd. Hope this helps

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    Kathy, YES it does help.... my stabilization has been a challenge to say the least and i am up doing yet ANOTHER steak day... I lost on Christmas and Thanksgiving and well, just had challenges... not with TOM looming... I am up over the 2lbs from LIW... frustrating... I don't want to gain too much during load, but I am thinking Add some Carbs, relax, have a piece of candy and bread tomorrow and really go wild New Years! Thanks! YEAH.... Happy NY

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    I am thinking about loading tomorrow and New Year's eve. On my first round the only reason I loaded was because I misunderstood the protocal when I read it. But, this time I am only doing the two day load. I will be doing the injections this time around. I can't wait to start losing again, I am soooooo excited!!!! Good luck to you.

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    Kathy, great. I was initially going to load on New Years day and New Years Eve, because I KNOW after being up late and maybe partaking too much in alcohol I do NOT want to start VLCD on New Years Day... great day to EAT and watch TV.. tee hee... so, that is my plan.... also, I was told on Homeopathic loading 3 days ok, on Injections, not ... so you are doing the right thing! Good luck!

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    uh I loaded for the 3rd day. Just because I was starving from not loading properly on days 1 & 2. I think I had too many carbs. I figure, eh, it may slow me down a little...but I'll be ok. excuses. Down goes the numbers on the scale after tomorrows VLCD.

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    summe: I pushed through it i was thinking about another day loading but said the heck with it i think mine is just that I want what i cant have so we will see i just grab my water............

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    yeah....sounds like me. I should be fine tomorrow. Got my food scale out, got my foreman grill out, went and bought some grapefruit, and went over my Trudeaux book(dug it out of a box). So I am ready. Just may have to do 41 days total instead of 40. Since the book says 45 max. I am glad you didn't cheat SHELLS. Your scale should be lookin' lovely tomorrow morning. No dreaming about good food. I have done that before when fasting.

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    The clinic I went through on my first round instructed me to load for 3 days. Wasn't hungry at all that round and losses were great. So for my second I loaded 3 days also. Lost well and have stabilized well.

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    I've loaded for 3 days on both rounds. Had a bit of hunger, but it was mouth hunger, not stomach hunger. this round I tried to eat more healthy fats, upped my dose of omega-3 oils etc. I'm down 3 lbs today so I guess it has worked well for me.


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