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Thread: Loading Tomorrow. Can I still have alcohol??

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    Loading Tomorrow. Can I still have alcohol??

    Just a quick question. I was hoping to find it somewhere on here by looking through other threads so I didn't have to post an unnecessary thread but I can't find it.

    I am starting my loading days tomorrow as recommended by some on this forum (thank you by the way I would have been making a mistake otherwise) . My question is: While I am loading and taking the HCG am I able to have a margarita for Christmas Eve. I will not be drinking on the diet but would like to have a drink with the family.

    Someone I know is taking the Homeopathic version of HCG and informed me that if you drink on the diet while taking HCG you will get really sick. This didn't make sense to me but I thought I would ask the experts just to be sure!

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    I drank several beers and took some shots at the Big 12 Championship game in Dallas while loading and didn't get sick, cheers!

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    Darned toot'n you can have alcohol during your loading.

    My rule of thumb is have load with good fats like cheese, dairy, avocado, olive oils, nuts, etc.. and include some things you will miss while on the diet.

    I've done two rounds of Homeopathic hcg and the getting really sick if you drink alcohol while taking it is news to me. Doesn't mean you should though.
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    In fact, I drink vodka on the protocol and I get zero hang-overs.
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    Well that is great news! I am so excited to start tomorrow. I am tired of not being comfortable in my own skin.

    Not having a hangover would sure be a great thing!

    I am not sure who told my friend about that then but it seemed weird to me. I was actually wondering what the heck I was gonna eat while I was loading, thank you. How much should you eat while you are loading? I mean you don't wanna eat so much you make yourself sick but you also wanna have a substantial amount?

    Good to know that I can have my margarita!
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