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Thread: Losing Weight While Sick

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    I am on day 12 of vlcd and I am using the oral Drops. As of this morning I am at 11.6 lbs lost. I have been really sick the last couple of days but I am still sticking to the diet, I just am not moving around as much as I normally do. So the last 2 days I have only lost .8 lbs each day. Could this be because I am sick? I really don't want to fall to far behind the lb a day average this early in the diet because I know that later on most people drop to about .5 lbs a day. I am a 31 year old female, no where near TOM. I started at 246.6 and today I am 235. I am just going to hang in there, but I am a little discouraged.

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    Lynae33 when you say your sick is it a Cold, the Flu or something else... are you taking anything for the illness.. I think the others who are here would need to know a little more.. I feel your doing really well with your weightloss... the aveage of .5 to 1 lb is normal even in the begining.. for what it's worth my dr said that always treat the cold or flu especially the flu since it can get serious just watch that there is no sugar in the products you use...get lots of rest, drink tea and Feel better soon


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    I think it is a cold. I am coughing with chest congestion, but no fever. I have slept almost 20 hrs in the last 35 hrs, and I have only taken some cough medicine 3 times in the last couple of days. I am starting to feel a lot better today though.

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    colds make you retain fluid- you're doing great, don't worry. at the 12-day point your losses are generally starting to slow down even without being sick.
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    Hi Lynnae. I got the swine flu right after I started the vlcd. I kept with it, but I just haven't gotten better. I'm on vlcd17 today. I went to the doctor yesterday because I"m just getting so dang weak, and my cough and congestion is terrible. He said it's developed into bronchitis bordering on pneumoniae. He told me to get some zinc and vitamin c supplements. He also gave me an antibiotic and a cough suppressant. As of Friday, I had lost 12 pounds. It seems like when I take a bunch of medicine, I don't lose much. (0.2, etc) But I decided that I couldn't just throw in the towel. As of today (Sunday) I'm really weak, but I'm just going to keep taking the zinc and vit c and get lots of rest this week and drink lots of fluids. You need to watch youself though. Maybe the low cal weakens our immunity a little. I usually can get over stuff really fast. My email is [email protected] Email me if you need to keep contact. Watch it. It's not worth our health, huh. I did have a little extra few bites of apple yesterday too.


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