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Thread: Losing the same weight twice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twinma View Post
    Didi- I agree about the scale. I started to only weigh in when I felt I was being good. Not a good idea.

    Ezekiel Bread is made with sprouted wheat berries and is supposed to be more low-carb lifestyle friendly. I find it in one of my local grocery store's organic section. It's in the freezer. It's very dense. I was to the point of making a sandwich with two slices once or twice a week with no major issues. I love the lower carb Flat Out wraps for making pizzas. I can do that every day for one meal.

    I could kick myself for not still being there right now but at least I will appreciate it that much more.
    Hi Twinma, Thanks for the response. Hmm I will definitely check out the Ezeikel bread for phase 4 and the low carb flat out wraps. I need a low carb bread option.
    Don't feel bad about having to lose the weight again. I know its frustrating but At least you know that HCg works for you, YOU WILL BE AT YOUR GOAL weight In NO TIME. you have already lost 6 pounds so all you've got is 14!!!!! WOW!! Thats still awesome! You will be done in no time. You are doing great!
    R1 Start wgt/ load: 205.0/208.8
    R1 LIW: 169.0/168.8 Stabilized 167.4
    R2 Load 1: 168.4/172.6
    R2 LIW 157.4 Stabilized (156.8-159.0)
    R3 Load 165.2/165.6
    R3 wk 3: almost done: Normal BMI!!!
    R3 LIW: 152.2 weight Today: 152.8 P3 day 3
    ******** 1.6 pounds left to GOAL*************

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    Checking in today. I'm down 1lb this morning. The regain does make one feel very discouraged but it's good to we can get it off again.
    P1 Start weight 198

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twinma View Post

    jeremy, Thanks so much, thats good to know that eating sensibly you will maintain the weight. But my fear is that I am scared I will always want to eat chocolate sometimes and have a cocktail sometimes. I am hoping that HCG continues to teach me MODERATIOn and portion control.
    I think most people have that fear....hcg can't help you there. Make sure you weigh yourself everyday after the diet. I know a lot of people get away from it because they know they've gained a pound or two, but if I had been weighing myself on the way UP, there is NO CHANCE i would have gotten to 240.

    After the diet the "excuse maker" in us all seems to creep back in...at least thats why I have noticed in all of the "I gained it back" threads.

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    Let's talk about the mindset of suffering in Phase 2 - which screws up Phase 3

    I can not begin to admit how many partial rounds of Phase 2 I have started and stopped. All in an effort to get back down to my optimal weight (which I set a year ago). I get down pretty close then I am so crazed by the restricted VLCD that I cut the round short and go right to Phase 3. Unfortunately, I operate from the thoughts of - I have suffered in Phase 2 by being so restricted (even though I'm not hungry nor uncomfortable) so, as a result, I freak out when I get into Phase 3. Eat all wackadoo and not really put in the best efforts to stabilize. I can't see to get past the mindset of "I am suffering by not being able to eat what I want, when I want." These thoughts seem to apply to how I live my life in maintenance. I don't want to go without.

    Thank you for allowing me to get this craziness out on paper (screen). Anyone else have any thoughts, inputs or experiences they care to share?

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    Good morning

    Down another 1.0 lbs this morning. I feel pretty good. I keep thinking the same pants I just fit into 2 months ago should fit by now, but not yet. Oh well, I'm on my way.

    How's everyone else doing?

    Currently in P2 for a short round

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    Hey ladies! Congrats to those with losses today!

    Redcurl, I know exactly what you mean! I do that too as well that I have the mentality that if I ignore it it will go away! If I don't weigh today then I don't have to be held accountable. Uggggh why is it we know these are not the way yet we still do it!

    Sometimes I just wish I could stay on P2 forever. It's safe and feels good to see the scale going down! I did extra well with the scale this morning and was down...are you ready?...6.2! I know it had to have just been water but it was exciting to see just the same! So on VLCD3 I am already down 10.6! I know it's going to slow way down but that's ok, I'll take it! :O)

    Hope everyone is having a great day!
    The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins. ~Bob Moawad

    Down 35.4 lbs at the end of R1 and now UP 25.1 of those! Lesson learned!

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    Awesome loss!!! That's wonderful, and a loss is a loss

    Currently in P2 for a short round

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    Losing the same weight twice? I swear I am in the movie Groundhogs Day! every morning I roll out of bed go to the potty comeout and get on the scale and it says 180? for weeks!! sorry had to get that out.
    April 1 2022 loading Starting 224.4
    April 2 2022 loading day 2 227.8
    April 3 2022 VLCD1 225.8
    April 4 2022 VLCD 2 221.2
    April 5 2022 VLCD 3 220.2
    April 6 2022 VLCD 4 220.0
    April 7 2022 VLCD 5 219.0
    4/8/22 VCLD 6 218.2
    4/9/22 VLCD 7 216.8
    4/10/22 VLCD 8 216.6
    4/11/22 VLCD 9 216.2
    4/12/22 VLCD 10 215.6
    216 basically in the missing days (dang my homemade lasagna)
    4/17/22 VLCD 15 214.8
    214.x all week
    4/22/22 VLCD 20 213.0
    4/25/22 VLCD 23 211.8
    4/26/22 VLCD 24 211.0
    4/27/22 209.8
    5/1/22 208.8

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    Phase 2 is easier for me than phase 3

    Kim, I agree - staying in Phase 2 would be so much easier. You know exactly what you are supposed to eat and in Phase 3 - you are tasked to make good food decisions - on your own. I read this over and I sound like a baby. No, no, I don't want to go without carbs. You know what though, also as I am writing this, I am so disgusted with my lack of control and self-defeating actions - I am making this the last Phase 2 !! Eat to live - not live to eat !!

    Excellent on the 6 lbs !!!!! I dropped 3 since lastnight - got me totally pumped and focused. it's VLCD-7 but I have no idea what my starting weight was because I refused to depress myself buy learning how much I got out of control. Ugh.

    Have an awesome day everyone ! Keep an eye on the prize !

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    excellent thread will follow
    R2P2 .......SLOW LOSER BUT LOST SOME .....

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    Love this thread ladies! I am in . Getting ready to start another round. I wonder how many times anyone has lost it gained it? Numbers Anyone? Mine started a few years back with my first pregnancy. After several miscarriages and five years later finally I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. The whole time up and down with the weight. Most dr's. now think it is very close to celiac. I always knew carby starchy food gave me pretty instant gains my whole life! After getting the thyroid under control, I started HCG under my naturopathic dr. for many health reasons but mostly for weight and to get my "gut health" back. Every time I tried to stabilize and added any the cravings started back....what the???? So I found a few boards with some hcger's that went through the same thing and found ou they had systemic candida. So I got tested and guess what?....CANDIDA!!! Big Time. Not just a little yeast infection it was inside out from gut to skin (I know TMI) So I just finished a round of cleansing and the yeast seems better. Carvings gone! I am actually doing the hcg with the candida in mind so I do not re-activate any yeast again. The hcg will really help because it's such a clean diet. So I am getting my loading food (all anti-yeast friendly) and getting ready to start. Love this thread. Need this thread. Hate being a retread and pray I can just keep handling the obstacles on this road to great health and skinny jeans!

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    redcurl- I totally know what you mean about the challenges in P3. Especially for those of us that eat to soothe emotion of any kind. It's hard but I find the low card substitutions do help a lot. I did find my weight creeping after maintaining well for 7 months when I was lax in watching the serving sizes. That prompted a way too successful round 2 with muscle loss and a 25# rebound. Will not let that happen again!

    I am reading Bethanny Frankel's "Naturally Thin" and I really wish I could live this way once I hit goal. She never deprives herself but eats smaller servings and moderates day to day. I think this would be a mindset you have to force yourself to try and see if you can work through the adjustment period. That way no event or circumstance would pose a dieting dilemma. I am about sick of that. I will probably attempt this once I am super deep into P4 again and happily maintaining int he mid 120's. We'll see. It will be an experiment. My binge-ing tendencies may derail this attempt however.

    Pax, Kim, Jamie- Way to go on your releases! Step by step, together!

    I was also down 1# today so 7# so far with 13# more to go. It sounds better that way.

    I am hoping within 2 weeks I should be back in the 120's. My clothes will fit and I can burn these fat lady Kmart pants I was forced to buy. CAN'T WAIT!
    5'6/ 38 yrs old
    R1: 154.6- 125 Maintained for 6 months easily.
    R2: 134.6-118.6 Took it too far.
    Gained back 25# from getting too low.
    R3: 143.6-123.6
    R3P3D8: 127.2 (3.6 over LDW)

    My Before and After Pics: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...-before-after/
    Follow my HCG journey on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/twinma0454?feature=mhum

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