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Thread: Low fat dairy products in Phase 3?

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    Low fat dairy products in Phase 3?

    Low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream - should I avoid these and shoot for full fat? I don't think the brands I selected have added sugar, but now I'm wondering whether I'm supposed to have the full fat anyway? It's so hard to think like this after years of avoiding fat! The Greek yogurt had nonfat milk and active cultures - okay, right? Cottage cheese had guar gum or xantham gum - are those fine? I might be in trouble with the plain yogurt - I think it had modified corn starch - now I'm thinking that's a no-no. Any help out there from the veterans?

    Thanks for answering all my questions! Hope I can help someone one day!

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    I would use the low fat. Some of the full fat are "caution foods". It will be hard to maintain if you have full fat for an extended period. Just remember the calorie amount is important too. I would use the full fat foods for "loading".

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    I always do full fat if I can find it. If you prefer the low fat, it's okay as long as there is no sugar added. Many low fat things add sugar or other things to it to make it taste better. I can't find full fat Greek yogurt in my small town so I am stuck with the low fat version but at least it doesn't have anything added.
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