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Thread: lower then 100 ius? any tried this?

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    lower then 100 ius? any tried this?

    I have tried a round a few month ago and it was a total fail. Everyday after I took my injection even at the lowest dose 125...I was super emotional and super hungry...not the type of hunger I was used to....and not emotional hunger...and it was different then a craving....it was raging pregnancy type hunger....where I HAD to eat...and anything not even food I would usually touch with a 10 fit pool. When I did my skip days to adjust the dose down this hunger was not there. I also noticed toward day 30 the 125 dose was eaiser to take...as the strength of my hcg most likely weakend. I am now trying to do this diet again....and the same thing is happening! I first lowered to 110...it was less but still there...now at about 90 iu....I have no hunger!! No food obsession...no being an emotional mess! This is so low a dose and I've never seen anyone try it. But this is the only time I have felt this to actually work! I could never, not even once stay close to 500 calories on 125....(and yes I tired last round to increase and that was so horrible lol!) So lower seems to be better. Has anyone tried this low of a dose and did you stil lose the right kind of weight and stabilize?

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    Yes it's not all that uncommon. You can go as low as 80.
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