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Thread: Maltodextrin in Stevia!

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    Was looking at my Spring Valley Stevia and just realized it has Maltodextrin in it!! UGH! Anyone else use this brand and done okay? I don't have much to lose and am not sure I can mentally go the full 43 days, so I want to get the most out of this round! Is this going to hold me back?

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    It might. Maltodextrin is a starch/sugar type compound so it might give you a stall. A better alternative would be pure stevia, or if you don't like the aftertaste, Truvia (has Erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol similar to xylitol that doesn't seem to be broken down much by the body) or Stevia Plus, which has Inulin, which is a fiber.

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    Gosh, this hacks me off. I live in a rural area and it's a struggle to find some of this stuff. Thought I was doing good when I found this Stevia. Guess I'll have to keep looking.

    So sugar alcohols are a better alternative to the other? I was just looking at something else that had xylitol and wasn't sure if it was okay.

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    The thing with sugar alcohols is that they taste sweet usually, but don't break down into other things and get metabolized. Some people can experience a bit of diahrea or gas/ bloating with some sugar alcohols if they make it all the way to the large intestine, but erythritol gets absorbed in the small intestine, and then usually is kicked out whole by the kidneys. This means usually, it doesn't have the gas issue that some of the others can have.

    I'd say it's definitely better than maltodextrin. We used Truvia all through our first P2 and didn't seem to have any problem with it at all. I also used Metamucil all through P2 for the constipation issue which is pretty much pure Inulin fiber, so in my humble (very humble as I'm not a several round veteran!) either one of those might work for you. If you have Walmart nearby, they have Truvia in the sugar aisle.

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    P.s. Of course, keep in mind, that these sugar alcohol items are not strictly approved by the protocol as they didn't really have them available in Simons time to test. So you have to listen to your body, pay attention to how you do when you have them, and make sure they do work for you specifically!

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    The stevia I bought has maltodextrin in it and I lost 22lbs in 23 days last round. I didn't realize it had the maltodextrin in it until a few days ago when I thought to look.

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    Yeah, DH used it the whole time during his first round and did very well. I just want to be able to lose as much as possible in this one round and don't want to be hindered by something stupid like sweetener!


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