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Thread: End of March Starters....

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    Im down 2.9 today after my frustrating, for no reason gain yesterday. Did an apple day yesterday and I never want to see another apple for as long as I live.
    So far Im down about 15.5 pounds in 5 days.. I can be happy about that.. even though I gained one day. I tightened my belt one more hole this morning....

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    That's great calidenise!! Congrats on the loses!!

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    calidenise, 15.5 in 5 !!!!! Awesome.

    R1P2vlcd4 Today I'm down 9.8. Feeling pretty good. I read some posts saying day 4,5,6 can be rough! Today I'm tired and a little "foggy and weak"(georgesomywife). Going to push through. I started the day with a little protien. Does everyone skip breakfast? Or do you spread your food throughout the day.

    Bubbajo42: I hear ya. I have 4 little ones and making mac and cheese is killer. They even love to eat healthy foods and that temps me too!! So hard. Its like they say food addiction is the one addicition that you have to be around constantly no matter what.

    Good luck everyone! Have a great day.

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    Almost ten in 4 days is awesome too!

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    Hey everyone! It sounds like there are great losses happening. Mine is happening a little slower than yours but I'm still pleased. Today is R1P2VLCD4 and as of this morning I'm down a total of 4.6 pounds. I guess I can't complain about that. Haven't had a chance to drink all my liquids today so tonight I'm going to be floating

    Have a great night!

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    Hello everyone! Sorry for the late response, my son got ear-tubes placed today so we've been out of town for that!

    Chili- ground beef- Well, use the leanest beef you can find. We (my family and I) do a group buy-in on a cow from a local farm around here and the meat is super lean. You really don't even need to strain it after cooking, its that lean. But regardless of what you buy you CAN run your beef under hot water in a strainer for a while, just to warn you though you can cause clogs in your sink drain!

    Congrats on the losses!

    Detox bath- I actually GAINED 2 lbs from my last detox bath, which is either coincidence or just me retaining water. However, I had it so hot in there that I was sweating like crazy and was very dizzy when I got out. The entire next day I thought I was going to pass out and was very weak. So maybe I just didn't have enough nutrients or something.. And remember, you can add essential oils (because they aren't really oil!) to your bath! Epsom salts are a favorite of mine, even when not on hcg. Mix them with some lavendar essential oils and I'm in HEAVEN! (I'm a lavender freak, you'll come to find out!)

    Cooking for others- yeah, that sucks. I have 2 little ones at home and my hubby (so 3 kids! ) and while they eat healthy for the most part, its the various things that are killing me..like spaghetti! or Pizza! (which seems to be the favorite at all the birthday parties right now too. )

    bubbajo- you probably absorbed some of that sugar by doing that I've had a rare occasion here and there and haven't been set back much.. I bake cakes for family members and its too hard to wear gloves when rolling fondant, so i've absorbed some too! --as for reaching your goal weight and not going below, a friend of mine said that you cheat by adding a few more calories to your day (not sugar or starch though) to maintain that goal weight until you hit your 23 days (or whatever your days are). From there you follow the maintenance plan, strictly, to ensure the weight stays off. HTH! --I'm young too! Just turned 24 (Thats still young right?)

    I'm not sure what my weight is today. According to a friend's scale I was down 4 lbs since yesterday, but our scale is wonky so we bought a new one today! Super excited about that!


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    My mother tried this (also on p2) and said it was delicious!

    Crunchy sweet apple chicken salad


    100 grams chicken cooked and diced

    1 apple diced

    3 stalks celery diced

    3 tablespoons lemon juice

    1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

    Dash of nutmeg

    Dash of cardamom

    Dash of salt

    Stevia to taste

    Wedge of lemon


    Mix ingredients together, sprinkle with stevia and cinnamon. Chill for 20

    minutes. Serve with a wedge of lemon and enjoy.

    Makes 1 serving (1 protein, 1 vegetable, 1 fruit)

    Phase 3 modifications: Add chopped walnuts or raw almonds. Mix in low

    sugar Greek yogurt or 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise for a creamier texture

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    ashley- yes, that's young!
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    thats sounds great I'm trying it. I've been weighing my veggies 4 calories in 1 oz. of celery. I think you can add more??

    Thanks this is VLCD2 for me

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    Down 10 lbs.

    217 start
    207 today

    along ways to go yet.

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    so far I am down 6 pounds since monday, just started last weekend, so my first vlcd was on monday. I weigh everything and count it all. I tried this diet before and did lose but always endup cheating; just taking it one day at a time. I wake up and need a little food, before lunch time to get rid of the probable headache that will come if I don't eat something, I have been eating one fruit then and it seems to work, til lunch time. Sounds like everyone is doing great. Kyle in phoenix

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    I lost another 2.9 today!! I am so excited!! I am up to 17 pounds in 6 days. Today is day 7 of VLCD and I feel really good.

    I had a slight moment of weakness last night. I knew I was about to cheat so what did I do... I got some ground turkey and made it into a burger with one slice of turkey bacon on top, lettuce for the buns, tomato and onions and in my mind... I had my, I had a bacon burger! It actually worked quite well.. It got that eager feeling out of me but still stayed close to protocol. And I lost 2.6 pounds. Honestly I was scared this morning because I have never strayed like that, but it worked for me. I am not making that a regular thing but it is nice to know I can "cheat" with something that will still help me.

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