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Thread: How Do You Measure Spinach?

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    Hey ya'll. How do you measure your baby spinach. How can you possibly get a cup. Or do you use a scale and use 8 oz?

    Also, it's only two fruits a day, right? Where can I find grissino bread sticks? I did find them at our Albertson's but they were made with Olive Oil. Doesn't sound right.

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    I used melba toast in lieu of grissini...never could find any. I finally gave up on eating the melba too and gave myself a few more veggies instead.

    When I needed to measure a cup of baby spinach, I rinsed off my spinach first and shook off the excess water and then put it in a large measuring cup and it was that easy. You are right...two fruits a day and they have to be 2 different fruits and can never be eaten together. Same thing goes for the veggies. Re the meat: Beef is the only meat that cannot be eaten at both meals in the same day. Chicken and fish would be ok to have both at lunch and at dinner.


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    I eat LOTS of spinach... don't measure, just fill a small pot to capacity... it shrivels up so small and it doesn't seem to hinder my losses.

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    I measure 3 1/2 oz then wash and prepare. I have been using melba toast the whole time but just the other day at one of the grocery stores I frequent I actually found grissini breadsticks. They had two kinds but one had more carbs than the other so I got hte one with lower carbs and yes, they do have olive oil in the ingredients.Not bad but I think I prefer the melba toasts. Dr S says you can have the breadsticks and he knows his stuff, after all he developed this.

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    Spinach is measured at 7 calories per ounce raw. The large sealed bags you buy at Walmart are 9 oz. so you could eat an entire bag and only consume 63 calories. I fill a pot with it and steam it. Season it with a little galic salt, pepper and regular salt. It is the first time I have eaten fresh steamed spinach and it is absolutely delicious.
    Steamed cabbage is also delicious cooked the same way and it seems to be more filling than the spinach because it doesn't shrink down nearly like th spinach when you cook it. Cabbage also is 7 calories per ounce. I usually weigh out 7 or 8 ounces raw and cook it. It fills up my pot. Raw tomatoes are 5 calories per oz. I love them sliced raw with lots of salt and pepper. I also sometimes forego the melba toast also so I can eat more veggies. Melba toast is 30 calories per slice.
    I also have a great recipe for fruit smoothies for the hcg diet if anyone wants it.

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    you can also get grissin at Amazon- you have to buy a bunch, but it's about half the cost per box as it is in the stores.
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    I fixed my spinach with my fish. I take a bag and wash, put it in a cassole dish with about a half cup of veggie broth season as youlike an dput a nice three and half oz portion of cod on top. i bake this for abaout a half hour. taste good.

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    i found the grissinis at whole foods.i have used the garlic and the plain. be careful though, some of the boxes have 2 packs in them. I am pretty sure those are the ones we can have. i got one box once, that only had one pack in the box and the breadsticks were 2x the thinkness. I just knew those were wrong and probably counted as both breadsticks. i wound up throwing the box out, didnt want to tempt myself with having to eat only 1 per day or cut one in half.

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    I get them at Whole Foods.

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    Can get them at Publix if you have them where you live.

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