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Thread: Metamucil Ok?

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    I'm having a little problem in that area, is that because I'm only taking in 500 calories? So, normally I use Metamucil, but there is 25 calories in it may have sugar in it (I need to check).


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    my Doctor told me to use citracal dont know the difference havnt had to use anything yet but i drink a lot of coffee and water

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    9g of sugar, could be a bummer

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    try natural Calm...after a day or two it really helps.

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    If you like the fiber supplements, they do make some that are pure psyllum fiber, with no added sugar. You need to read the label. Metamucil has alot of sugar in it. They do make a sugar free variety, but it is orange flavored....ugggg!!! Pure psyllum fiber, if you can find it, is fine to use on p2. I used it on all 3 rounds and did fine. )
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