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Thread: Miracle Noodles VS Shirataki Noodles

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    We found tofu shirataki noodles at a local asian supermarket. They come in fetticini and thin noodle size and angle hair sizes.$1.49 8oz size. Has anyone tried and compared the miracle noodles with the shirataki noodles? If so which ones did you like better. If you go to "house food america" web site you will find hundreds of recipies using their brand of shiratki noodles.

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    Shirataki noodles, also known as konnyaku in asian stores has 2 different types - beware of the one's made with yam.

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    Shiritaki noodles are the same as miracle noodles. One is a brand name, other just generic name for same noodles. So yes, if you can find them in asian market you can have them. Still hoping to find some myself.

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    Hey I just ordered some of these from http://www.asianfoodgrocer.com/category/shirataki-noodles

    I ordered 6 packs & with shipping they were just under $15. $1.38 a pack. Thought I'd share.


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    If you can cancel the order do so. They are the shiritaki yam noodles. Not for this diet. You need the shiritaki tofu noodles. $17 for a 10 pack same web site

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    I checked nutritional info on the ones I ordered, It was 0 for everything. The tofu noodles have some things listed in the nutritional info, not 0's. Thanks for watching my back sbrave.


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    When you eat these will they be in the place of some other food? I know there are no calories but it seems strange to just not account for it at all. How does that work?

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    Well I lost .5lb this morning. Whew. But I am so tired, weak & hungry today. Yesterday I ate 3 Sugar Free Jellos & skipped a melba toast, I was really hungry yesterday too. I am not planning to count the noodles as anything since the nurtional info says they are bascially nothing. It does seem weird, but I am willing to try it out. I'll let you know how it goes. I did ground shipping so I'm not sure when they'll be here yet. Thought this chili was similar to spaghetti sauce. Am planning to try it on them. Can't wait. I'm so tired & I'm trying to wait for 6 before I eat dinner. 1hr 15 mins to go.


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    Very interesting, thanks. It does seem strange to count it as "nothing" but it really isn't anything, I guess...

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    loveme- you'll do better on P3 without the melba toast- that counts as "starch".
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    Margie - do miracle noodles count as a starch also? I have not tried them but wondered if they would be good with a pesto sauce for P3.

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