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Thread: Mixing for IM Injections

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    Mixing for IM Injections

    I have 2 5000IU freeze dried vials. I want to mix them for IM injections. I've only mixed for sublingual before and am questioning the effectiveness of that method.
    How much and what would I need to mix for a 26 or 40 day round and how much hCG would I be getting if I took a 1ml dose each day?
    Is that the recommended dosage?

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    For IM, this is how Dr. Simeons mixed:

    5000iu HCG with 20ml bacteriostatic water (1:4 ratio)

    Dose is 125iu, which means you will pull to .5 or 50
    Dr. Simeons dosed everyone with the 125iu dose. It is rare to need a dose change with IM injections.

    This is administered in one injection per day.. So you would not take 1ml per day like you would with subliminal which is dosed twice a day. You would be injecting a half ml. (.5ml) once per day.

    One 5000iu vial of HCG would give you 40 doses of 125iu. A mixture is usually good for up to 30 days, but you could mix fresh at the halfway point and be sure your HCG is effective.

    If you suspect your mixture is losing potency, you can test a full dose on a dollar store pregnancy test. Any positive, even a faint one, means the HCG is still good.
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